Jimmy Kimmel called those who question the narrative on “climate change” “insane.”  Count his friends and former co-hosts Ben Stein and Adam Carolla among the free-thinking deranged.

But for economist Ben Stein giving Kimmel his start in television, few would recognize the name Jimmy Kimmel today.

On Monday, May 2nd, talk show host KimJimmy Kimmelmel aired clips of scientists dropping the F-bomb after hundreds of movie theaters showed CFACT’s film Climate Hustle. Kimmel went on a rant that lasted two nights in which he stated that anyone who questions what they are told about climate change is basically “insane.”

To Kimmel, comparing real world temperature data to computer models, or checking claims that today’s weather is “extreme” against historical weather data is the equivalent of “denying” the existence of “yogurt.”

Kimmel deployed the secret weapon of lazy comedians everywhere, profanity; guaranteed to get a cheap laugh with no danger of the writers working up a sweat.

Hey Jimmy, why don’t you have your friend, mentor and well known climate questioner Ben Stein on your show and ask him?

Win Ben Stein's MoneyA young Jimmy Kimmel got his big break in television in 1997 when he was hired to co-host the game show Win Ben Stein’s Money on Comedy Central for the princely starting salary of $550 per episode.  Before that Kimmel had tried to get a career going in radio where he never achieved much success.

Kimmel’s got talent, but talent counts for nothing without a break.  Win Ben Stein’s Money was the break Kimmel needed.  Before long Stein and Kimmel were sharing an Emmy Award for best game show host.

The show was a lot of fun.  Contestants would compete against each other, and then Stein himself, to win cash from a pool of money.  What they didn’t win went to Stein.  Kimmel and Stein would poke plenty of fun at each other, but the underlying premise that made it work is that Stein is both brilliant and a veritable storehouse of knowledge.  Stein’s erudition is tBen Stein Daily Showough to deny.

In 1998, Ben Stein challenged the correspondents of The Daily Show to win his money and soundly defeated them.  Stein defeated Stephen Colbert in the final round 6-4.  We doubt any would have predicted at the time that two of the three legacy networks future late-night hosts were on Stein’s show that day.

Stein has great admiration for Kimmel’s talent and smarts.  The two are friends who remain in regular contact.

However, Ben Stein, the author of numerous books on personal growth and finance, is in no hurry to redistribute his money, or yours, to advance climate policies that won’t meaningfully alter the temperature of the Earth.

In December, at the time of the UN climate talks in Paris (CFACT was there!), Stein appeared on the Neil Cavuto show and asked, “What if man-made climate change is a fraud?”  After presenting the Green credentials he earned for having written the first speech on The “Clean Air Act” for the Nixon administration, Stein stated that, “Climate change is very much in question.  The Earth stopped heating up about 25 years ago.  The data that shows that the Earth is the hottest it’s been in 200 years or whatever, is very much in question because the data from 200 years ago is extremely specious.  Yes, the polar ice cap in the North Pole is melting, but the polar ice cap in the South Pole is getting very very much bigger very rapidly… I can remember very well in the sixties and early seventies when we were fearing a new ice age.  What if by any chance all this climate change: a – is not happening, or b – if it is happening is not man-made, or c- if it is man-made if it’s not coming from the U.S. but coming from China and India… and we’re going to crucify the American worker and the American businessman in the name of a false goal? … It’s not irrefutable.”

The Chinese “are the one’s ginning out all these pollutants that are supposedly causing global warming and they haven’t even promised to stop,” Stein continued, “they’ve just promised they’ll consider it at some point down the road.”

In April of 2016, Stein appeared again on Fox and asked, “why this hatred of the fossil fuel companies?”  He answered his own question, “there is something deeply sick and psychologically awful about it.  I think it has to do with the envy of the intellectual chattering class.”

Jimmy Kimmel should heed Ben Stein’s real concern.  “I am more worried about saving political freedom,” Stein told Cavuto, “that appears to me to be the real thing we arKimmel and Carolla with towele in danger of losing.”

While he’s at it Kimmel might want to check in with another close friend and his former co-host at The Man Show, Adam Carolla, who described the idea that mankind is the primary driver of any climate change as a “bizarre form of narcissism.”

So how’s that for a show? Kimmel, Stein and Carolla discuss the climate and we’ll learn who’s politically correct and who’s factually correct.  If you really want to open some minds and learn something invite Marc Morano, the host of Climate Hustle, on the show.

Follow that up with scientists.  Match up Kimmel’s group with Doctors Roy Spencer, Dick Lindzen, Judith Curry, Fred Singer, Nils Axel Morner, Freeman Dyson, John Christy, Will Happer and David Legates for a start.

If anyone mouths off about flat Earth or denying the moon landing, throw in Apollo astronauts Walt Cunningham and Jack Schmitt for some real perspective.  While you’ve got them in the studio, ask them how the Obama administration turned NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies into a propaganda organ for the climate campaign.  Are America’s pioneers in space “insane” too?

Sorry you’ve been hustled about the climate, Jimmy.  If you’re as smart as Ben Stein says you are, and willing to open your mind and host a fair discussion, you’ll learn.  Once you learn the facts hopefully you won’t be so easily hustled again.

If you learn anything, Jimmy, how about this: If you insist on insulting the intelligence of one entire side of a public policy debate in order to silence them, be prepared to hurt some very fine and credible people; including people you know, respect, and care about.  That’s “insane.”



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