Antarctica has been cooling, not warming for nearly 20 years. Sorry climate campaigners, wrong again.
Marc Morano has more at CFACT’s Climate Depot.
Have you pre-ordered Climate Hustle?   They don’t want you to see this movie so make sure you do.
Climate models projected that Antarctica would warm, but it has cooled. Campaigners are trying to explain this away as “natural” variability.
Apparently, cooling is always nature, while warming is always man-made.
How convenient.
The global warming narrative depends on Antarctic melting to scare us into thinking we’ll all be underwater. Sea level, meanwhile, has inconveniently continued to fluctuate a mere 1 to 3 mm per year as it has since before the industrial revolution.
In recent years Antarctic sea ice has repeatedly set records, reaching the highest extents ever recorded.
How long can the media keep denying all that South Pole cold and ice?
Antarctic penninsula cooling not warming


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