Last night we held a special screening of Climate Hustle in Calgary that could not have gone better.  We filled the theater!

Special thanks to Canadian media celebrity Ezra Levant.  The man’s a dynamo!

We’re showing it again tonight at 7 PM in Edmonton.

Our pals from the warming-Left dumped a pile of garbage in front of the theater for a rather lame protest.  Pity they didn’t stick around and learn something.  Our crowd found it amusing.

Craig Rucker and Marc Morano from CFACT were humbled by the powerful response our Canadian audience had to the film and the robust Q&A panel that followed.

Climate Hustle is making a real difference.  It is now available in America on DVD and Blu-ray.  Order your copy today!

We hope you’ll show Climate Hustle to your family, friends and people who would benefit by learning the real facts about global warming — just about everyone!


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