Highly acclaimed journalist Nicholas Kristof came out with an outrageous piece of climate hysteria last week in the New York Times.

Kristof is laying the blame for starving African children on Donald Trump — despite the fact the nation’s 45th president has not yet taken his oath of office!

Kristof has conveniently rediscovered that famine and drought are going on in Africa — and he now wants to blame them on Donald Trump (and the over-the-top energy consumption of folks like you) just in time for the inauguration.

CFACT’s Marc Morano will have none of it. He ran a devastating “reality check” at Climate Depot which shows that “not only are global droughts not increasing, but new research confirms that manmade CO2 emissions are not causing a global drought increase. But…as Real Climate Science points outs, forty years ago, the same New York Times blamed global cooling for the drought and famine in Africa.”

The plight of Africa is real.  That Africa’s children are suffering because of too much freedom and energy in the world is not.

CFACT has been working through its “Adopt A Village” program since 2005 to help bring hope to those living in hard-pressed countries like Uganda and Rwanda. We’ve seen the suffering up close and personal.

We understand that freedom and energy are the solution to Africa’s problems, not its cause.

The Times went to Madagascar and saw the failure of American capitalism and an opportunity to attack an incoming President. Had Nicholas Kristof opened his eyes he would have seen an island nation perpetually crippled by cronyism, corruption and Socialism.

What Africa really needs is free markets, free elections, and the rule of law.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.