Trump orders EPA to ‘zero out’ global warming programs

The White House is pushing for significant cuts to EPA programs and staff levels, giving a glimpse of how the Trump administration plans on devolving more control to the states.

The budget plan sent from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to EPA leadership calls for eliminating dozens of programs, including at least 16 that have to do with global warming and implementing former President Barack Obama’s climate agenda.

OMB also requested a 30 percent cut in grants to states and a 20 percent reduction in EPA’s workforce through buy-outs and layoffs. In total, President Donald Trump is calling for a roughly 25 percent cut to EPA’s budget — about $2 billion.

The cuts are laid out in a letter sent by William Becker, the executive director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA), to his group’s member state and local regulators. Becker said NACAA received the “pass back” budget information sent from OMG to EPA Monday, according to InsideEPA.

Democrats and environmentalists have opposed Trump’s budget cuts, and EPA union leaders are hemming and hawing about cutting staffing levels. Even some Republicans aren’t on board with cutting so much from EPA’s budget.

“They are operating at 1989 staffing levels. So you really want to be sure you are not cutting the meat and muscle with the fat,” Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Cole, who is on the House Committee on Appropriations, told Inside EPA.

“There’s not that much in the EPA, for crying out loud,” Rep. Mike Simpson, an Idaho Republican, told The Washington Post. Thompson formerly chaired the appropriations committee’s subcommittee dealing with EPA.

What’s unsurprising is Trump wants to get rid of more than a dozen global warming programs at EPA, including funding to implement the Clean Power Plan (CPP)

Trump promised to repeal Obama’s “Climate Action Plan” — the CPP is the linchpin of the former president’s climate agenda. The CPP limits carbon dioxide emissions from new and existing power plants.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt helped lead a coalition of 28 states to overturn the rule while he was attorney general of Oklahoma. Trump is preparing to sign an executive order to rescind the CPP, so it’s not surprising they’d cut funding for its implementation.

WaPo reported EPA’s “Office of Research and Development could lose up to 42 percent of its budget, according to an individual apprised of the administration’s plans.”

The budget plan “eliminates funding altogether for the office’s ‘contribution to the U.S. Global Change Research Program,’” according to WaPo.

One area of concern, however, is the reduction in state and tribal grants for infrastructure and environmental clean-up. The Environmental Council of the States (ECS) sent a letter to EPA and OMB urging them not to cut those programs.

ECS wrote that “cuts to [state and tribal] categorical grants, or to EPA programs operated by states, will have profound impacts on states’ ability to implement the core environmental programs as expected by our citizens.”

More than 90 percent of EPA programs are carried out by state environmental regulators. That’s something that concerns Pruitt, who promised to push back against OMB and preserve grants to states.

“I am concerned about the grants that have been targeted, particularly around water infrastructure, and those very important state revolving funds,” Pruitt told E&E News Tuesday.“What’s important for us is to educate OMB on what the priorities of the agency are, from water infrastructure to Superfund, providing some of those tangible benefits to our citizens,” Pruitt said, “while at the same time making sure that we reallocate, re-prioritize in our agency to do regulatory reform to get back within the bounds of Congress.”


About the Author: Michael Bastasch

Michael Bastasch writes on energy, climate and the environment for the Daily Caller.

  1. Dano2

    The budgets will be restored after His impeachment and defeat of Pence (or a re-vote), just like every other country has done when a captured con took brief control and wrecked things.



  2. skipfoss

    I am glad to see these cuts and roll backs . Most if not all of these regulations are totally stupid and useless ,when they can use some ignorant regulation to control a fish pond in my yard or the water that I collect in a barrel from my gutter is assinine and for some fool say’s that cow farts are causing global warming get a life

  3. Yes it is true. Our Earth has entered its cooling phase.

    NASA Scientist Exposes Global
    Warming Myth and Coming Mini Ice Age

    Global Warming Hoax, Best Document Ever

    2016-2019 Grand Solar Minimum Global Cooling Forecast: Mini Ice Age

    PROOF of the Lies
    about Climate Change

    But what is really important is that Trump stop the the spraying of the very toxic Chem-Trails. Dropping on us toxic compounds of aluminum, barium and strontium cause good crops to dye. Only crops designed to grow with these poisons can survive. Chem-Trails dropped over our oceans and lakes causes massive dye off of fish, shellfish and marine mammals. Someone told me the real purpose of Chem-Trails was population reduction.

  4. intheright3

    Beautiful! Did somebody say to be careful not to cut into the muscle and bone of the EPA? HA! You couldn’t find anything but fat and bloat at the EPA if you spent all day touring the EPA building. What I worry about is that our fearful leaders will not have the courage to make the necessary cuts, for fear of costing themselves some political demerits! If we can’t make these cuts…..we are a lost cause!

  5. intheright3

    So…let’s throw some science at the Alarmists and see what we get. We are supposedly “stuffing” the oceans with CO2 to the point that species are threatened with extinction due to increased “acidification”. Simultaneously, we are supposedly heating up the oceans via the green house effect, and species are threatened with overheated habitat. But there is a problem with these little memes! As the ocean temps rise, the water’s capacity to store CO2 is reduced, so if the ocean’s really are warming, acidification should be reducing itself.

    So….which is it? Are the oceans cooling, giving them increased capacity to store CO2, and higher acidification? ( cooling oceans are good if you believe the Alarmism). Or are the oceans warming, and releasing CO2? ( less CO2 in the water is also good if you believe the Alarmism).

    You can’t have it both ways… the CO2 going into the oceans as they cool……or out of the oceans as they warm? Or both? Or neither? If you’re starting to smell a rat……you’re right on!

      • intheright3

        Yes…and your science grade is a D- for that response. Par for the Alarmist course.

        Let me help you….when an Alarmist is beaten…their retreat is sounded by a vague, unreasoned utterance starting with the words “I am not a scientist, but….”. That is your fig leave next time!

      • intheright3

        Furthermore, if the oceans are acidifying as you claim, and CO2 is the acid in question (that would be carbonic acid, also called “rain” in it’s mildest form, but I digress)….then the oceans must be cooling in order for their CO2 carrying capacity to increase. Great…the oceans are cooling! That’s a relief. You Alarmists have been selling us the bogus line that the heat that has been missing for almost 20 years has been building up in the oceans….but now we know that is a lie also! LOL….

        • Dano2

          You just discovered the vast KINSPEERCY foisted upon us by all the oceanographers in the world. Congratulations!



          • intheright3

            Oh yes….when an Alarmist and propagandist such as yourself is cornered….there is that…..claim the oil companies, or others, have corrupted the science. In actuality, you have no science backing you up, hence, your misdirection!

            You’re riding a phony argument buddy… the real science makes it way past your juvenile level propaganda…..less people BELIEVE in AGW daily. You’re a punchline now!

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