Sense and nonsense at “the people’s climate march”

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CFACT and our Climate Depot news and information service headed out to “the people’s climate march” in Washington D.C.

Marc Morano has extensive coverage over at the Depot including an amusing anecdote of climate marchers denying him cream for his coffee when they realized who he was.

CFACT greeted the marchers with a dose of sense about the climate including extensive climate information points and a banner proclaiming that climate science is anything but “settled.”

CFACT sent out a mobile billboard to inject more sense into the march by pointing out clearly that polar bears are thriving, climate models are wrong and the notion that science can be “settled” is a hustle.



Of course get a bunch of left-wing Green radicals together and there is no shortage of nonsense.

Here’s some of what CFACT saw at the march:


Trying to suppress the facts that prove

them wrong is climate marcher 101.

Watch them in action:


Socialism has failed over and over again

Now they use global warming as a rationale

to grant them the control they crave


Can she be unaware that free markets provided her

the prosperity she has taken for granted all her life?


Polar bears have featured in quite a bit of warming propaganda.

Hope this marcher saw CFACT’s billboard

explaining that polar bears are thriving.

Think exposure to the facts will change her mind?


 We’ll just file this flamingo marcher under bizarre.


This one under crude.


And this one under cruder.


Do you think the rape protester is aware

that she’s her “mother’s” least favorite?


Think he knows that his country’s birth rate is stable?



Left-wing politics won’t meaningfully change the temperature.

But it can grind people into poverty.

See, e.g. Venezuela.

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  1. wally12 May 1, 2017 at 11:26 PM

    Those signs are fantastic. They really point out the problem that many of the “Warmers” have when it comes to climate change. They simply accept what some of the climate scientists present as truth while ignoring what other scientists oppose. If they would simply realize that there are many studies that show that the climate has changed for thousands of years before any increases in CO2 were present.
    The best one I have read about is the monitoring and data collected on the Tornio River in Finland. This river has been monitored and data collected on the earliest ice break up of the river every year from 1693 to the present. I believe this data is correct since in 1693 there where no “Warmers” nor “Skeptics”. These Finns were only interested in collecting data on when this river would be safe to begin travel and trade. The graph of the data shows that the northern hemisphere has been warming on average for over 300 years with cycles of cooing and more warming since. What also is interesting is that the average warming is a constant or straight line. It does not show any significant increased warming due to the industrial era of 1940 to the present where CO2 has increased. Of course, the “Warmers” will find a way to counter or deny that the data of this river ever existed.

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