As described earlier, NASA and NOAA both have big splashy websites promoting climate change alarmism and student indoctrination; in fact they compete with one another. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has nothing like this but they are just as activist, maybe even more so. Theirs is the stealth strategy of funding myriad alarmist activities, most of which are directly aimed at indoctrinating teachers and students.

NSF is the lead Federal agency for funding so-called science education activities, with an annual budget for that purpose of almost a billion dollars a year. There are so many different programs and projects that it would be a big job to track down every one of the climate alarmist propaganda efforts. What is certain is that there are a lot of them. Most will be funded via universities, because that is how NSF operates.

Here are just a few examples of NSF funded activities to show the broad scope of their alarmist activism:

CLEAN is by far the biggest web portal providing links to alarmist teaching materials, with over 650 items and sophisticated search capabilities. It began as part of the NSF funded National Digital Science Library but has taken on an activist life of its own. It is jointly funded by NSF, NASA and NOAA.

“Teaching about Climate Change” at Carlton College’s Science Education Resource Center is one of the biggest repositories of alarmist lesson plans and related classroom materials, with over 100 items in its annotated catalog.

“Climate Change” from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is sponsored by NSF. This site consists of almost 50 annotated links to lesson plans, videos, short articles, and other climate related materials. These begin with the K-2 (kindergarten to 2nd grade) grade level! The content covers the usual alarmist topics, in keeping with the AAAS endorsement of climate alarmism.

“Climate Change Activities” is from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research’s Center for Science Education, which is sponsored by NSF, is a sizable website. There are 22 standalone alarmist activities for students. For example — “Through a simple online model, students learn about the relationship between average global temperature and carbon dioxide emissions while predicting temperature change over the 21st Century.” UCAR has many other climate activist sites, such as its large “Understanding Climate Change” site.

“Going Green! – Middle Schoolers Out to Save the World” is funded by NSF. It is a Wikispaces project that recruits middle school classrooms to save electricity in the name of climate change activism. It includes a lot of links to other alarmist websites.

“Climate Change Live” is a web based center presented by the U.S. Forest Service and 26 other federal and NGO partners, including NSF, to do distance climate learning through a series of webcasts, webinars, and online climate education resources. Some of the webcasts are intended for classroom use, while others are for teachers. The tone is decidedly alarmist as are some of the non-federal partners, including the Will Steger Foundation and the Alliance for Climate Education.

MADE CLEAR is one of many multi-university activist programs funded by NSF. It is led by the University System of Maryland and the University of Delaware. The focus is on teacher indoctrination, which in turn gets the alarmist dogma out to a lot of students.

The Climate Change Education Partnership is an umbrella organization of NSF funded regional multi-university indoctrination programs, including MADE CLEAR.

NSF grants are often made for multiple year periods and thousands are make every year, from many different Offices and Programs. There is no central directory of climate related grants so the scope of these indoctrination activities is unknown, but it is certainly extensive. Thus there is zero transparency, simply stealth.

Clearly NSF should be investigated for alarmist activism.


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