When looking for YouTube videos skeptical of alarmism and alarmist science, especially for teaching, one should not overlook the extensive collection of vintage CO2Science videos. CO2Science has one of the largest collections of sound science material on the Web, including excellent non-technical summaries of many hundreds of scientific research papers which present findings that are inconsistent with alarmism. They have almost 100 carefully crafted videos as well. Most of the videos date from the Copenhagen Conference era, circa 2008-2009 or a decade ago.

All of these videos are directly available on the YouTube CO2Science channel. (None play directly from the CO2Science website, at least not on my admittedly old computers.) In addition each can easily be found using the YouTube search feature and once you find one you are then offered the full channel.

While some of the videos of are dated, many are still very relevant because the alarmist arguments and methods have not changed much. For example there is a whole series on how the IPCC advocacy apparatus works. There are also many on the benefits of atmospheric CO2, the usefulness of fossil fuels, etc. It is interesting to wonder what role these may have played in the happy failure of that ridiculous UNFCCC Conference.

Interestingly, most of these videos are very short, between 1 and 6 minutes long, which means they can be combined in many different ways to create classroom materials. The practice of weaving teaching materials out of short videos is part of the popular movement called Open Educational Resources, which hopes to replace expensive textbooks. These videos can also be used to replace alarmism.

There are four groups of videos:

1. “Copenhagen Climate Concerns”
Over 50 short (1 to 6 minute) YouTube videos expressing the concerns of many scientists and scholars about alarmism and the Copenhagen Conference of Parties meeting in December 2009. Many prominent skeptical scientists appear and many of the videos are about alarmism, not just the Conference.

2. “The Scientists Speak” Video Series
Eight short (1-4 minute) YouTube videos on various global warming related topics from 2009 by prominent skeptical scientists like Christy, McKitrick and Balling.

3. “CO2 Truth-Alert” Video Series
A series of 14 short (1-4 minute) videos produced from 2008 to 2010. Some are rather dated but others are still highly relevant. There is also a new one, which suggests that more may be coming.

4. “Feature Documentaries”
This group consists of five longer (27-53 minute) feature presentations, with the “Carbon Dioxide and the Climate Crisis” series of three and “The Greening of Planet Earth” series of two, which begins way back in 1992. There is truly some history here. In some ways the debate has not changed in 25 years.

The entire collection of roughly 80 videos is divided between science issues and energy issues. Sometimes there is political analysis as well. The statistics may well be outdated in some cases but the reasoning is often still perfectly valid.

While these vintage videos are still useful, we could certainly use new versions of the arguments and their supporting data today. Today’s target is not just a Conference; it is alarmism itself, especially the teaching of climate alarmism in our schools.


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