CFACT students fight back with facts

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The beginning of the 2017 fall semester has been an exciting time as CFACT’s collegians have been taking the fight to the Greens and radical Leftists on their campus like never before!

Here are some highlights from Collegian efforts around the nation:

  • CFACT students at Ohio State University filmed the reactions of their peers to some convincing NOAA data showing that hurricanes have been decreasing over the past 100 years. The good news: The vast majority changed their opinions after seeing this information – even despite the propaganda they’ve been handed by their professors and the media!
  • CFACT at Florida State filmed student reactions to Bill Nye saying that larger families should be “taxed” because of their contribution to global overpopulation. The overwhelming response of the students was clear: Do not give the government that much power over our personal lives.
  • University of Nevada, Reno collegians held an outreach event on campus exposing the lies of the so-called “97% consensus” of scientists supporting the notion of a man-made, catastrophic global warming crisis, as well as other popular climate change myths.
  • West Virginia University students hosted Collegians national director, Adam Houser, to teach students about how to fight back against the “politically-correct” propaganda they hear from their peers and professors on campus.
  • Clemson University collegians showcased the free market’s ability to help species by handing out specialized window decals that help prevent birds from flying into windows.
  • Students at the University of Minnesota toured the Andersen Windows factory to learn how modern businesses are becoming more and more adept and both creating products and lowering waste and pollution.

Some of these activists have come back to school fired up to make a difference after attending our student leadership retreat, CFACT’s “eco-summit,” which took place in Baltimore in August of this year. Others are those who have just signed up and are getting involved with our program for the first time – like those at Ohio State, Spring Hill College, and West Virginia University (just to name a few). In either case, all of them are clearly eager to take their newfound knowledge and use it to make a difference.

So at this point in the semester, all I can say is … way to go CFACT students! It’s hard not to be blown away by your spunk and enthusiasm.


  1. lil coy October 19, 2017 at 8:23 PM

    Good job! Already training my 11 year old daughter to ask her teachers, when they claim humans cause global devastation with our CO2 “pollution,”how human’s, responsible for 3% of CO2, drive the climate cycle. Parents have to do our part. Wonderful website guys!!!

  2. Hans Schreuder October 21, 2017 at 3:06 AM

    Great work by CFACT but it’s not enough. CFACT needs to come to the conclusion that some of us came to over ten years ago: there is no “greenhouse effect” and carbon dioxide is not a “greenhouse gas” and does not “enhance the greenhouse effect”. Two peer reviewed papers for you, co-authored by the writer:
    Role_of_CO2-EaE.pdf and Role_of_GHE-EaE.pdf at

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