The three US National Academies — of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine — are jointly upping their climate change activism. Collectively called NASEM, they are not satisfied with producing a steady stream of alarmist reports, videos and workshops. They are now creating a central organization to actively push the alarmist message. It is called the Climate Communications Initiative or CCI.

CCI already has its own website, where we are informed that an Advisory Committee and Strategic Plan are in the works. In short this is going to be a full blown, activist NASEM organization. That the purpose is political, not scientific, is clear from this introductory statement, especially the reference to “critical decision makers” as the primary target:

The National Academies are establishing a new Climate Communications Initiative (CCI) to coordinate efforts across the institution to facilitate rapid and effective communication of evidence-based insights to an attentive public and critical decision makers. CCI will leverage consensus reports and ongoing activities across the depth and breadth of scientific disciplines housed at the National Academies to offer a suite of authoritative and objective materials and engagement opportunities.” (Emphasis added)

Numerous past activities of the National Academies make it clear that their so-called “evidence-based insights” are actually just the usual alarmist dogma. For example, earlier this year NASEM released a lengthy report extolling the virtues of the upcoming “Climate Science Special Report.” In fact the CSSR is one of the most alarmist federal assessments ever done.

Here is how the fawning NASEM puts it: “This report concludes that the draft CSSR is timely, accurate, and well-written, representing the breadth of available literature relating to the current state of the science.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The tasking for the Strategic Plan also makes clear that the goal is political influence, not science. It is all about getting “the message” across. Here are three telling examples (Emphasis in original):

Audience and Message Research – How should the National Academies engage with target audiences to determine what communications approaches will be most effective?

Social Media Strategy Oversight – How should the National Academies more actively utilize social media on matters related to climate science, impacts, and responses? How can we best build an audience? How can we maintain our imprimatur in the social media landscape?

Earned Media and Advertising – What sort of promotional campaigns should the National Academies consider for reaching audiences on the website, to communicate messages directly to audiences via social and traditional media, and to directly engage audiences?

A public workshop on the Strategic Plan is scheduled for January. Skeptical science journalists might consider attending.

By embracing alarmism and activism the National Academies have lost all sense of scientific integrity when it comes to climate change. Their claim to be “a scientifically credible, independent, objective, and non-partisan entity” is clearly now a joke.

It is no wonder that the pubic is losing faith in what are supposed to be leading scientific institutions. Climate change alarmism is ruining science.


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