State Department spokeswoman cuts right to the facts on Syria and climate

The UN is boasting that Syria has signed on to the Paris Climate Accord.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert put this development into stark perspective.

“If the government of Syria cared so much about what was put in the air, then it wouldn’t be gassing its own people.”


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About the Author: CFACT Ed

  1. cshorey

    A govt gasses its perceived enemies, and CFACT idiots think that’s equivalent to an issue with global impact. CFACT is clearly biased and fact challenged, and is a professional misinformation group.

    • Michael Castillo

      And a minute change in the atmosphere of one part per 10,000 is more important to the climate than solar output cycles? It takes some really creative mathematical manipulations to make that argument, so who is putting out misinformation? Michael Mann? How can an otherwise educated person buy the snake oil of shysters like Al Gore?

      • cshorey

        Try to understand that nitrogen N2, oxygen O2, and all the noble gasses combined make up more than 99.9% of atmosphere volume, and none of them are greenhouse gasses. The entire greenhouse effect is due to trace gasses, so yes mature changes as you call them certainly are important. Sorry you confirmed my assessment.

          • cshorey

            As you are not contributing anything meaningful, I hope you’re stepping up as a an experimental subject to test Michael’s assertion. Are you willing to increase the iron in your body by 100 ppm (1 in 10 thousand)? He assures you that such small amounts will have no affect on your system. You’re in his knowing hands. Good luck sir.

            • pkwz

              False dichotomy—you obviously know nothing about biology. But you’re still a hero in you own mine! Face it you agw religious fanatics are losing left and right. Trump has cut the funds. Your cause is doomed.

              • cshorey

                The false dichotomy comment was on another thread. Keep it straight. In typical fashion you made a fact free post on CFACT.

        • ninetyninepct

          Look up the accepted CO2 limit for submariners. The bad guy is methane but governments can’t tax methane. Average Joe family guy is familiar with the term CO2 but has no concept of methane, so the Liberal environmental jihadists chose CO2.

          • cshorey

            I don’t need to look it up as it is the same for all people. I also don’t have to look up that the residence time of methane is 10 days and for CO2 is around 150 years. I don’t need to be liberal nor conservative to point out that this makes a difference as heat retained will be a function of longevity in the atmosphere. Now what ideology do you need to self identify with to not realize this fact?

    • pkwz

      Fact challenged? Anyone who thinks that ANYTHING that Syria does has an ounce of humanity in it is the poster boy for “fact challenged”. Consider yourself to be the leader of the professional misinformation society.

      • cshorey

        So I pointed out a false dichotomy and you knee jerk thought I was saying the Syrian government is good. Understand what you’re replying to please.

          • cshorey

            Pull that out of your grade school insult book? Oh no, how will I cope. Thanks for further evidence that CFACT ditto heads like you can’t make a cogent argument. Go try the iron experiment for us now, pretty please.

              • cshorey

                Never heard that poison is in the dose? There your question is answered with a question, but thanks for the false dichotomy presented here. Cl is involved with the O3 depletion issue, and when combined with Fl and C in CFCs, its actually another greenhouse gas. And I bet you didn’t read the greenhouse studies that show with increasing CO2 fertilization you get more growth of weedy species, and in your crop species the nutrition drops. I’m sure you’d reject that science if you saw it as it doesn’t fit your neat political story. Sorry.

  2. ninetyninepct

    Canada’s Climate barbie, Environment Minister McKenna, praised Syria. Syria is a Muslim jihadist country. Every once in a while Canadian Liberal values and beliefs slip out.

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