Midnight EST on Wednesday is the deadline for commenting on the wildly alarmist draft National Climate Assessment. As I explained earlier this month here, commenting is pretty easy. Registration is simple and the commenting website works well.

As far as I can tell, one need not give their real name or email address when registering. Given the vindictive nature of alarmists this may be useful. Comments are being collected by the US Global Change Research Program, which runs the National Climate Assessment. Supposedly all of the comments will be published an answered at some point.

The draft is divided into about 30 chapters and each is separately available to download for commenting. I recommend picking an interesting chapter then zeroing in on what are called the Key Messages. Each is just a few sentences and most chapters have just 3 to 6 of them. To comment on a Key Message one needs to use the “text region” button and include the page and line numbers.

Almost all of these Key Messages are based on questionable computer modeling and saying this is a good comment. Simply put, they are falsely stating alarmist speculation as though it were an established fact, which it is not. Computer projections are not physical facts and one can simply say this as a quick comment. No elaborate essay is needed.

Here are some examples of alarmist Key Messages:

Extreme precipitation events are projected to increase in a warming climate and may lead to more severe floods and greater risk of infrastructure failure in some regions.” Chapter 3: Water.

Increasingly, the energy system is affected by climate change and extreme weather events, threatening more frequent and longer-lasting power outages affecting critical energy infrastructure and creating fuel availability and shortage imbalances, with cascading impacts on other critical sectors, potentially affecting the Nation’s economic and national security.” Chapter 4: Energy.

Other examples of clearly alarmist Key Messages are given in my two previous articles:

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There are 118 Key Messages like this so finding a few to simply call out as alarmist should be easy. Most of the chapters are about either a sector of the economy or a region. Sectors include things like water, energy, transportation, etc. The geographical regions of America range from the Caribbean to Alaska and Hawaii, plus the contiguous ones of course. So just pick something that is personally interesting.

You do not have to be an expert or a scientist to comment, because the alarmism in these Key Messages is obvious. They are simply projecting catastrophe based on worthless computer models. Point that out in simple terms. Here is an example of a simple comment on a Key Message, one that I use repeatedly:

Comment: This entire message falsely states speculative attributions and projections of impacts as established physical facts. These attributions, projections and risks appear to be based primarily on the use of questionable computer models. That climate change will have negative impacts has yet to be determined and appears increasingly unlikely.

It is also worth mentioning that the draft NCA4 violates the Information Quality Act requirement that federal agencies ensure and maximize the “quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information disseminated by the agency.” All 13 member agencies of the USGCRP are responsible for IQA compliance.

The draft NCA4 exhibits neither quality, objectivity, utility nor integrity. This needs to be said repeatedly. To begin with there is neither objectivity nor integrity, as these errors have been pointed out repeatedly during the Obama series of National Assessments, yet they persist. As a result there is no quality or utility; in fact this alarmism is worse than useless. It is downright dangerous.

All comments are going to be published, so the more the better. Now is the time to stand up to climate alarmism and be heard. Hopefully the Trump Administration will listen.


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