Over the last few months I have done a series of articles on educational videos that are deeply skeptical of climate alarmism. In doing the research for this, I noticed a large number of skeptical videos by various heavy hitters. So I wondered “How many skeptical videos are there?” and set out to find out.

It looks like there are at least a thousand science videos that are skeptical of alarmism and that huge number is just on YouTube. I find this rather amazing, a clear sign that there is great interest in skepticism.

I say looks like 1000, because my personal count is over 700 and there are clearly a lot more to go. (Mind you it is not all that easy to find them.)

Check out CFACT’s Climate Hustle for a video that hits global warming propaganda hard.

The range of types, topics and lengths is also interesting. The primary types are presentations, lectures, Congressional testimonies, interviews and news items, as well as scientific debates with prominent alarmists. The debates might be especially useful for teaching purposes. Lengths range from a few minutes to well over an hour. Age may be from a few months to a decade, which may not matter because the basics of the debate have changed little.

The topics are quite varied, often general but sometimes very specific. For example there are detailed videos just on the false alarmist claim that ninety some percent of climate scientists endorse the hypothesis of dangerous human cause global warming. There are many that just look at this or that hurricane, or at hurricanes in general. Cataloging all of these videos by topic would be very useful.

A good example is the collection of videos by and about the prominent skeptic, Dr. Roy Spencer, who is the father of the satellite temperature measurements. Spencer is a prolific author, with several popular books explaining skepticism of climate alarmism. He also has about 40 skeptical science videos.

I say about 40, because working out the exact number, even just on YouTube, would be a challenge. There is no single search that gets them all. Conversely, in a given search list the same video may appear several times, sometimes with different titles, having been posted by different people. Some videos are listed that have no apparent relation to Spencer, although he may appear in them somewhere. Then too, YouTube gleefully includes videos attacking him.

Here are some good Spencer examples of the various narrow types of videos:

1. ACTUAL SCIENTIST: “2017 Hurricanes Aren’t Because of Climate Change”

Steven Crowder interview, 20 minutes, 4 months ago.

This one is focused specifically on hurricanes.

2. Dr Roy Spencer – 97% Consensus is Bogus

Senate hearing, 6 minutes, 4 years ago.

3. Grand Solar Minimum Primer: Dr. Roy Spencer – What do we really know about global warming? #5/10

Oppenheimer Ranch Project, 22 minutes, 6 months ago.

4. Climate Science Debate : Global Warming Alarmist VS. Global Warming Skeptic

1 hour 3 minutes, 6 years ago.

Dr. Scott Denning VS. Dr. Roy Spencer . A respectful climate science debate.

The fact that there are so many skeptical science videos is an important message all by itself. Getting people to look at them is even more important.


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