The Mississippi River is inundated with water this spring, defying climate alarmists’ claims and predictions that global warming is drying up the Midwest.

Reuters published an article in February asserting global warming will cause less precipitation and more drought in the Mississippi River basin. The article, titled “U.S. faces fresh water shortages due to climate change, research shows,” claims, “The pressures of climate change and population growth could cause water shortages in most of the United States.” The article specifically mentions the Midwest, where the Mississippi River flows, as one of the regions poised for reduced rainfall and water shortages.

Much like the “Gore Effect,” where cold weather and – in the winter – heavy snowfall seem to follow Al Gore whenever he makes a public appearance, Mother Nature appears to take pleasure debunking alarmist climate claims soon after they are issued. Fresh off alarmists’ claims that global warming is drying up the the Mississippi River, the river is exceeding its flood stage this year for the longest period since 1927.

Undoubtedly, climate alarmists will attempt to blame global warming for this year’s abundant rainfall and high Mississippi River water levels. Just remember that they initially predicted the opposite.


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