Since the dawn of time, mankind has looked to plants and animals for its principle sources of food. But if a company in Finland has its way, getting our meals from the “air” could soon be added the list.

As reported in Planet Ark:

A new kind of food made from electricity, water, and air has been invented that could completely revolutionize how we understand food.

Finnish company Solar Foods is responsible for inventing Solein, a protein-heavy powder that can be given texture through 3D printing or added to food products as an ingredient. The company plans to produce 50 million meals’ worth of the product for sale in supermarkets within two years.

Solein is created through a fermentation process similar to brewing beer or other alcoholic beverages. Microbes are put in liquid and provided with carbon dioxide, hydrogen bubbles and electricity. These elements react to create a protein that can be dried to make the Solein powder.”

Sadly, it seems a principle reason driving the Finnish company to make such food from air is to placate liberal demands to lessen mankind’s reliance on meat. Meat, of course, is something widely criticized by environmental activists because of its alleged contribution to global warming. This point was even touted by the author of the article in Planet Ark, Liam Taylor, who notes, “This discovery could be very significant in the face of global environmental issues such as climate change given its reduced greenhouse gas emissions and land use.”

Naturally, hearing such politically-correct nonsense tempts one to dismiss this whole thing as just more, “Blah, blah, blah.” But that might be a mistake.

Climate change aside, this new powder could actually hold promise for more serious global challenges which are far more grounded: Namely, feeding an ever-growing world population. On this matter, the technology could prove helpful – especially as it apparently tastes much like flour or wheat and could be used as a substitute. Company officials say they believe they will have their “air food” product on grocery shelves within two years, and they’re even busy pushing for its use in future space missions.

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