“Malcolm Turnbull’s Murray Darling Basin plan has failed and must be abolished.

“We need to change the way we manage what is our most abundant renewable resource, and the only obstacle to this is politics.

“The immediate action must be to stop wasting water on “environmental flows” that are doing more harm than good. Then we need to build more dams and weirs; and restore natural flushing to the mouth of the Murray.

“If we do these things, there will be plenty of water for all MD basin needs and the environment will benefit ugely (in stark contrast to the scorched earth policy currently in play).”

“Federal government meddling in state matters has made a huge mess of the supply and management of water and electricity. The way out of these messes is to reverse the way we got in.”

Below is a graphic description of the problems caused by bumbling politicians, some of whom do not even mean well for Basin residents:


More Background: