In Episode 45 of District of Conservation, Gabriella breaks down three important news items. They include: 

  • Newly-unveiled rules changes—or improvements—to the Endangered Species Act, specifically Section 4, 4(d), and 7, were announced by the Department of Interior yesterday to ensure more than 3 percent of listed species are delisted and can be recovered
  • A defense of culling efforts of feral hogs which are invasive and not human-caused, despite one New Republic article claiming otherwise
  • Why Republicans shouldn’t wobble and surrender to gun control proposals in wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, which will fail to address the root of the problems of mass shootings



ESA Press Release- DOI:

Three Percent ESA Recovery Stat:

USFWS ESA Revised Regulations, Section 4, 4(d), 7:

Section 4:

Section 7:

New Republic Article Blaming Humans for Invasive Feral Hogs:

Six Million Wild Hog Figure: Washington Post:


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