I was listening to the song by John Mellencamp called “Minutes to Memories”, The song got me through some tough times in the 1980s, which when I look back were not nearly as tough as what people that came before me went thru ( weatherwise and otherwise.. the 1930s for instance). An inflated belief in self-importance makes one think anything that happens to them, if adverse, is the worst thing ever. It satisfies a hero notion in a person when you are overcoming something that is very hard. I think it is natural, and serves the purpose of actually meeting and overcoming conflict for progress. It’s just that distorted or used for nefarious purposes, its can be opposite.

In any case, the song was about an old guy talking to a young guy  about what it took for him to live his life and overcome a lot of obstacles. Hard work, honesty, a belief that what you did matters for those around you at the time. The young guy ( at the time was skeptical).

Lyrics.. pick it up midway:

The rain hit the old dog in the twilight’s last gleaming
He said “son it sounds like rattling old bones”
This highway is long but I know some that are longer
By sunup tomorrow I guess I’ll be home
Through the hills of Kentucky ‘cross the Ohio river
The old man kept talking ’bout his life and his times
He fell asleep with his head against the window
He said an honest man’s pillow is his peace of mind
This world offers riches and riches will grow wings
I don’t take stock in those uncertain things


The old man had a vision but it was hard for me to follow
I do things my way and I pay a high price
When I think back on the old man and the bus ride
Now that I’m older I can see he was right

Another hot one out on highway eleven
This is my life It’s what I’ve chosen to do
There are no free rides, no one said it’d be easy
The old man told me this my son I’m telling it to you

Days turn to minutes
And minutes to memories
Life sweeps away the dreams
That we have planned
You are young and you are the future
So suck it up and tough it out
And be the best you can


( btw the album its on, ” Scarecrow” for you younger folks is worth listening to. I don’t care what his politics are, he hits a nail on the head.. Maybe not every nail you and I think, but certainly a common thread about duty, honor, and service. In this case the debt we owe our farmers. (In fact, I am listening to it while writing this)

( side note: I used to be in a band, and we did Scarecrow and Small Town, but not Minutes to Memories cause I could not hit the high notes at the end. See, I am a rocker at heart. We would let people in for free, then charge em to get out.)

The realization that no one said it would be easy.. and the last lines, “Suck it up and tough it out, be the best you can” hit home then and they do now.

I wonder, can you give the average young person that advice today. Even in the 1980s, liberals had a sense of duty and patriotism toward the country that made what it was like to truly be a liberal something that did involve patriotism. Perhaps I am speaking for myself, because until 1982, I identified all the time with that, and still believe I have not changed. I also believe you trust the art, not the artist because the message that comes out can be through a higher source without you knowing it. You have to be open minded and meet challenges.

Which is the opposite of the, shut down the discussion, mentality we are seeing out of the left today.  In my younger days, the left was opposite that.

But times have changed, the climate is being used as a weapon for a political end. If  it’s the second hottest year on record, then it is a call to heroism to save the planet to a generation that has had an embarrassment of comforts and advantages handed to them. First of all its not hot. The average temperature of the planet is a bit higher than the 30 years reflect in the satellite era, and someplace around 58 degrees, and the strong warming is  primarily in areas that are coldest, driest, which is a direct link to  water vapor, not CO2.

So much of that increase is only about 0.2C, where people live


In the meantime, the so-called 2nd  hottest year ever is approaching eras that were called climate optimums:


Let us look at the weaponization of hurricanes. The last 12 years have featured a never before naming frenzy, partly because of storms we never would have seen before, are being named and partly because of the naming of storms over colder waters than the 26C threshold that was always used. In any case, this is being used as a missive for why its getting worse ( not by the Hurricane Center, but by people taking it and then trying to make use of it for their own motives) . Yet the AVERAGE INTENSITY/STORM has dropped from a 12 year high of an ACE index of 12 per storm 1950-1961  to slightly under 9 in the last 12 years. Indicating if you want to play the more storm game, you must also understand on average they are WEAKER. The simple solution is to have 2 Atlantic basin naming areas, one that is the legacy area where we always named them, the other where we are now seeing features we would not have named before. But its a weaponized point, unless you look behind the scenes and find out what is being spouted,  essentially is shooting blanks.

We are seeing the pushers of this missive get an untouchable figure for criticism to become their spokesperson. It is impossible to even question the ideas of a 16-year-old who is blaming the generations before her for ruining her life. While she somehow has become a world-famous spokesperson doing what no 16 year before her could ever dream of doing, she is only fed and recites one side of the story. She should listen to Minutes to Memories. Perhaps some of the old Dogs would shine some light on it, but then there is that natural desire to make a difference and you see, that is what the people pushing this have figured out! Let us galvanize the youth against THE VERY SYSTEM THAT HAS LEFT THEM WITH LIFE NEVER BEING BETTER ON PLANET EARTH!

But the metrics speak for themselves, I have shown this many times, but I will review it. Climate-related deaths are plummeting, Global Personal GDP and Life Expectance are skyrocketing. The planet has never been greener in the satellite era, Fossil fuel-driven progress has advanced the cause of mankind in leaps and bounds, making it easy to adapt and progress. Yet the hysteria grows and no one dares question.

We see stories about Venice sinking into the sea when over 50 years ago there was an event just as bad or worse. Never-mind its essentially on a man-made floating dock, or Miami Beach, built on a man-made sand bar. Just what do you think HAS TO HAPPEN!?  What you see. Coastal areas over the long period are hardly ever stable.

Well, I am an old Dog. Here is what I say, Given the facts, so what? If its the second warmest year on record ( a neat trick since just like hurricanes now, we could not measure temperatures 100 years ago with the stunning accuracy we do today. And what does that mean if it levels off or cools?) If life is getting better now as we approach what was always known as a climate optimum, why the angst? Unless it is for another purpose, which of course I think we all know how it is, the destruction of the type of system that has made such prosperity possible.

So I say so what? If this is bad and bad is the best ever for more people,  then what are you looking at?. No one appreciates more people that want to make a difference and help than I, but you don’t do that without looking at ALL THE FACTS. Or by shoving it down someone’s throat that wishes to challenge you based on things you are unaware of. If you can’t accept, so what, then the last lines of minutes to memories come to mind, “Suck it up and tough it out, and be the best you can.“

Life on planet earth has never been better for our younger generation to be the best they can.  Compared to those that came before us, it is almost embarrassing to think that we have it so tough. I know I  feel shame when I think things are tough, cause all I need do is look back at those that came before me that made it possible. The result is gratitude, not angst and bitterness.


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