We all know that Al Gore did not invent the Internet, though many say he claimed to have done it. He did make a small fortune selling ways for gullible people to reduce their carbon dioxide foot print by having trees planted in some far away place in there name. While he did not make it through Harvard he did become a very successful venture capitalist with the help of some Silicon Valley investors, earning hundreds of millions of dollars. While he did not create the man-caused global warming/ climate change delusion, it may not have had the world in its present state of concern without his spectacular fear-mongering.

Check your newspaper or favorite internet news sources tomorrow and surely you will find stories mentioning climate change concerns. There is not an issue of the Wall Street Journal, a supposedly conservative newspaper, without such articles. Any story describing a Fortune 500 strategy for the future will mention consideration of climate change.

Most of us know that the climate is always changing. Unless we are planning an outdoor event, a skiing trip or we are a farmer, we take change in stride. Now many , many people, frustrated with the weather for any reason, will be found to blame it on man-caused climate change and our use of fossil fuels. I believe there is good reason to give Al Gore the lions share of the credit for this dubious and completely unfounded fear for the Earth’s future and our own.

There was already an academic industry making a good living on global warming fears. Financed by government grants, it attempted to write mathematical equations to simulate our future climate with increasing emissions of carbon dioxide. Mr. Gore took over center stage with his book and movie, both titled AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. It is a fair question to ask,”would the world be as concerned with the planet’s future today over the possible impacts of adding a degree or two to the planets average temperature if Mr. Gore had not gained so much attention”. He said life as we know it will come to a screeching end if we continue to operate on oil and gas instead of wind and sun. In fact if we ever do, as he says, life without oil and gas will send us back to the standard of living in the mid-nineteenth century.

In the 14 years since Gore launched his massively flawed book and movie, he has escaped the scrutiny that should have exposed the errors upon errors, or if you will, lie upon egregious lie that he foisted upon us. Dr. Jim Hollingsworth has ventured forth to refocus us on the damage Gore has wrought in a new book titled CLIMATE CHANGE: A CONVENIENT TRUTH, from Covenant Books. He dedicated an entire chapter to the re-introduction of 35 errors, untruths or lies, take your pick, that Gore presented in his movie and book back in 2006.

The movie was first introduced in England, in the hope of showing it in all public schools . Mr. Stewart Dimmock, recognizing the errors in the film, sued to prevent its showing in UK schools. Judge Michael Burton ruled that the film could be shown, but the teacher had to show the obvious errors in the film. The judge listed but 9 of them. There were many, many more. Judge Burton’s nine included the following misstatements:

1- the melting of Antarctica and Greenland will raise sea level 20 feet in a few      short years

2- Pacific atolls were flooding requiring evacuation of their populations

3- ocean circulation of warm water from the equator to the poles was being                                         shut off                          

4- temperature increases and increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide were in        

      lock step

5- My. Kilimanjaro lost its ice from global warming

6- Lake Chad in west central Africa dried up due to man-cased global warming

7- Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was caused by global warming

8- polar bears were drowning because of loss of ice in the arctic

9- coral reefs were bleaching because of global warming.

None of these statements in the book and movies were true, but Jim Hollingsworth documents 26 more errors Mr. Gore made either purposely or out of ignorance. You decide. In the past 16 years he has definitely not been held accountable for his wealth of misinformation. Perhaps bringing these very important mis-statements back into public view through Hollingsworth’s book and this article will help people understand the damage Al Gore has done to society. They include:

1- a one degree change in temperature can melt hundreds of feet of ice

2- hurricane Catrina in Brazil was man-made

3- recent Japanese typhoons set new records

4- hurricanes are getting stronger

5- storm insurance losses are increasing

6- flooding in Mumbai is increasing

7- severe tornadoes are increasing

8- the sun alone heats the Arctic Ocean

9- the Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the Earth

10- the Greenland ice sheet is unstable

11- Himalayan melt waters are no longer filling the rivers

      rivers below the mountains

12- Peruvian glaciers are disappearing

13- Mountain glaciers world-wide are disappearing

14- the Sahara Desert is drying up

15- the West Antarctic ice sheet is unstable

16- Antarctic Peninsula ice sheets are breaking up

17- the Larson B Ice shelf broke up because of Global


18- mosquitoes are climbing to higher altitudes

19- many tropical diseases are spreading due to global warming

20- West Nile Virus is spread through Global warming

21- carbon dioxide is a pollutant

22- the European heat wave of 2003 killed 35,000 people

23- Pied flycatchers can not feed their young

24- all illustrations in the movie are accurate

25- the Thames river barrier to the ocean is having to close more frequently

26- no facts in the movie are in dispute

In Dr. Hollingsworth’s book Climate Change: A Convenient Truth, he explains the actual truth about each of these mis-statements. The book has 48 brief chapters that deals with all the mis-information you have been exposed to. I strongly recommend it to any one wanting the whole truth with out any jargon filled complexities. In this day and age people should not be glorifying Al Gore.


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