More Daddy Warbucks money is flowing in for climate alarmists, as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced he is giving $10 billion to “the cause.” While Bezos likely views this as a business decision to preempt climate alarmists from attacking Amazon, imagine how much positive impact that money could have if directed to other causes.

In a project known as the Copenhagen Consensus, economists – including many Nobel laureates – ranked how to best spend $75 billion to advance human health and welfare while ending human misery. Among the more than 20 options considered, fighting global warming came in dead last. Better uses for the money included providing nutritional supplements, immunization programs for children, deworming children, malaria prevention, and rural water supply.

Living in the real world where alarmist money absolutely dwarfs money donated to climate realists, the Copenhagen Consensus took a closer look at how global warming money should be spent. Assuming global warming is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, they found the best uses would be equipping ships to facilitate marine cloud whitening, more energy research, research into injecting aerosols into the atmosphere to block incoming solar radiation, research in carbon capture, and planning to adapt to warmer temperatures. Cutting carbon dioxide emissions, through carbon dioxide taxes or other means, ranked last.

Even with Bezos generously funding their cause, climate alarmists refuse to express anything other than totalitarian outrage. Rather than give thanks to their wealthy benefactor, they are expressing outrage that Bezos and others are not giving even more money. Perform an Internet search for “Bezos” “climate” “billion” and see for yourself.

Given how money handed over to climate alarmists takes money away from much more beneficial causes, indignant alarmists should be thankful they are receiving a single penny.


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