In Episode 103 of District of Conservation, Gabriella compares the 2020 candidates on the issues of Second Amendment rights, hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, land management, public lands access, and more.

She dissects and assesses Joe Biden’s proposals on firearms and conservation issues against President Donald Trump’s record. Is it better? Is Trump terrible on public lands issues and the environment as reported? Is Biden offering something new or largely borrowing from the Trump Administration?

You, the listener, can decide for yourself.




Sportsmen for Trump | Sportsmen for Biden & alleged Trump failures regarding sportsmen and women

Biden on guns

December 2016  lead tackle ban on USFWS lands (Obama-Biden)

Trump awarding $320M to  Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (February 2020)

Trump awards $250M to Everglades Restoration

Trump on wildlife corridors

Trump DOI announces $130 Million in Public-Private Funding for Wetland Conservation Projects 

Trump signed GAOA into law

Trump Interior news and accomplishments

Trump signs Modern Fish Act 

Recreational anglers happy with Trump administration

2013 Biden Interview on MSNBC

2013 Biden Interview in Field & Stream

Obama-Biden cut CWD funding in 2015

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Photo Credit: Green Winged Teal — Gabriella Hoffman


  • Gabriella Hoffman

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