There is widespread fire, death and tragedy up and down America’s Pacific coast.

Please add your thoughts and prayers to ours for everyone experiencing suffering and loss.

Please also add your voice to ours for the kind of vitally-needed, effective, real-world solutions that CFACT has advocated for years.

How would California Governor Gavin Newsom combat devastating wildfires?

Newsom’s for shutting down debate and “doubling down” (his words) on climate policy, “de-carbonizing California,” so-called “renewable” energy and the UN’s Paris Climate Accord.

Here’s a quick sample from Newsom’s climate rant:

“I’m a little bit exhausted that we have to continue to debate this issue. This is a climate damn emergency. This is real and it’s happening. This is the perfect storm. It is happening in unprecedented ways, year in, year out. You can exhaust yourself with your ideological b.s. by saying well, ‘100 years ago we should have done this, or that,’ all that may be true. And I’m not going to suggest for a second that the forest management practices in the state of California over a century plus have been ideal. But that’s one point, but it’s not THE point.”

Governor Newsom, you’ve had since 2011 to move up from California’s ideologically-driven, feckless forest management as both Governor and Lt. Governor.  Why did you not take meaningful action that would actually protect people?  That is THE point, Governor.

Who’s really in denial?

Watch for yourself.

More to come.


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