America’s Pacific Coast is on fire.

Millions of acres have been devastated.  Houses and communities destroyed.  Twenty-two people have died including a 13-year-old boy and his grandmother.

More tragedy is on the way.

Yet, Governors Gavin Newsom of California, Kate Brown of Oregon, and Jay Inslee of Washington tell us that the way to fight wildfires is with wind turbines, solar panels, and electric cars.

These Green ideologues live in a dangerous left-wing fantasy world.

California Governor Gavin Newsom chose September 11th to indulge in an unbelievably unscientific climate rant.  Watch it at

“I’m a little bit exhausted that we have to continue to debate this issue,” Newsom said.  “This is a climate damn emergency. This is real and it’s happening. This is the perfect storm. It is happening in unprecedented ways, year in, year out.”

“The hots are getting a lot hotter,” Newsom explained, “the drys are getting a lot dryer, and the wets are getting a lot wetter. That’s climate change… The debate is over on climate change, just come to the state of California… it is not even debatable any longer.”

WRONG! That’s the kind of shamefully unscientific climate hustle that CFACT looks forward to exposing on September 24th during our worldwide streaming event at 8 PM. Join us!

You need this debate Governor if you are going to learn the facts.  The fires on the West Coast are the result of natural weather conditions that were not caused by you, me, or anyone.

The most extreme UN climate computer model is the infamous RCP8.5. That’s the climate simulation Governor Newsom's unscientific fire hustle 1that far outdoes the others in projecting more warming than reality has ever approached.  Even under the most extreme model, any global warming severe enough to cause the extreme conditions Newsom describes lies well in the future.  Real-world temperature observations show too little change today to name global warming the culprit that set the West on fire.  We’re talking about less than a degree C that occurred nearly entirely last century.  Not long ago the UK Met Office gathered world temperature data into a handy, understandable chart every year.  That is until the chart, even after “adjustments,” became inconvenient and they stopped publishing it.  Good thing we posted it to

This year’s temperatures remain in line with past temperatures.  Here is the NOAA temperature data for August from 1940 until today:

Historical temperature fluctuations tell us little about global temperature, which as I just showed you, has only varied by a degree or less over a century.

The temperature data does show us that hot, dry summers have often occurred in the past and will continue to occur.  Everyone who lives anywhere near this tinder box must take notice — Governors in particular!


“I’m not going to suggest for a second that the forest management practices in the state of California over a century plus have been ideal,” Newsom said on 9/11, “but that’s one point, but it’s not THE point. The reality is the mega-fires that we are experiencing come from these mega-droughts that we’ve experienced.”

Get real, Governor.  Did you actually think natural drought was not something we need to be fully prepared for?  You’ve had since 2011 to move up from California’s ideologically-driven, feckless forest management as both Governor and Lt. Governor.  Why did you not take early decisive action that would actually protect people?  That is THE point.  You say you finally started clearing out the dead wood.  Too little, too late.  You had over a decade.  All three Pacific-West governors could have taken action that would have saved lives.

No amount of wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicles, carbon offsets, and the rest would have meaningfully altered the hot, dry conditions that led to this year’s devastating fires.  If we’d never heard of light bulbs, refrigerators and SUVs California would still be ablaze.

CFACT has advocated for years for real-world, essential preparations for the scourge of wildfire.  These include effective forest management, firebreaks, controlled burns, settlement planning and emergency preparedness.

California’s Death Valley is the hottest, driest place on Earth.  Governor Newsom shamelessly included it in his climate hustle.  “We’re experiencing world record-breaking temperatures in the state of California, 130 degrees,” Newsom said, “arguably the hottest recorded temperature in the history of mankind.”   A temperature of 130 degrees F in Death Valley is certainly hot, but the reason it is “arguable” is because the actual world record of 134.06 was set right there in Death Valley way back in 1913.  The second place record of 131 was set in Tunisia in 1931.  Exploiting the naturally-scorching Death Valley to deflect from California’s failure to manage its forests is weather porn. This is climate hustling at its worst.

When the Greens got control of California, they thought eliminating fuel Governor Newsom's unscientific fire hustle 2clearing, fire breaks and controlled burns were what the environment needed.  Peter Murphy posted details at

Green ideologues insisted that ending forest management was the way to protect species such as the now-infamous spotted owl.

Instead the Left burned out people and owls both.

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