First of all, this is the worst wildfire disaster for California, parts of Oregon and Washington. But in classic form, people that wish to exploit this, like the Australian Wildfires do not even look at the bigger picture they claim to be (Globally). In addition they ignore the fact the very policies they believe in can cause the problem to be worse. All this is swept under a rug,

Never Let a Crisis go to Waste. Classic example:

People like this understand we have increasingly become a society based on fear of what could happen, and does from time to time, rather than one that reaches beyond its grasp to climb even higher. We long for safety and security from all around us (though one may argue from mobs that wish to disrupt, if not destroy your life, safety is not an issue. Seems like that is more of a man-made issue than something as vast as the climate). But when it comes to man-made climate change hysteria, the Lyrics from one of my Favorite Bocelli Songs, Un Nuovo Giorno no longer aply: “ Solo Rischiando tu Vivrai” ( only by risking, will you live) That is a. fading memory as far as the thinking of a lot of people today. And so they crave safety and are open to those that claim they know and close their minds to options that may challenge that

Ben Franklins quote: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety” seems appropriate, though I seriously doubt many of the current people pushing this even know this quote

Afterall someone has to “save” us, and if its not God, or stepping to a higher calling, then the smartest among us must lead us to “safety” right? And since there is safety in numbers, all must be hoarded together in the march, and those that won’t, well you can see each day what is becoming of them.

We are dealing with a record breaking horrible fire season in the western states of California Oregon and Washington. And I will be accused of being heartless and cruel by bringing up, that for the NATION AS A WHOLE, Acreage burnt was much greater in the early 20th century.

This year may indeed be number one out of the last 10 years, but here are the stats so far. The western states though are disproportionately high and making up a large part of this years total.

Full scale assault from team climateBut overall, this clearly indicates there is NO CLEAR TREND, just up and down and in terms of totality ,very much less than the 1930s. In fact the record year of 2017 was 1/5th of the overall record.

Finally,here is where there is a clear signal from man, but not in the way Newsom, etal, are pushing this with their manmade climate change ideas:

Full scale assault from team climate 1

This does not diminish what is going on. It is just that if you are going to tell me this is all globally happening, then how is it that its obviously regionalized? The above chart shows up and down the past 10 years, but even assuming this will be the biggest, for the nation it does not beat earlier years when there were less man made fires because population was not as great or out in areas where a smoldering campfire could ignite a whole forest.

BTW, the MJO may have a lot to do with this as the same signal that shuts down the Pacific basin with large scale sinking air ( the Atlantic tries to take up the slack means its very often drier in the west like this.

Now how about this headline. From the Wall Street Journal

I would expect better out of the journal. Have they LOOKED AT THE TOTAL ACE OF THE SEASON, WHICH SHOWS HOW WEAK THESE STORMS ARE? I have pointed this out countless times and even wrote about why a much more advanced evaluation tool has to be developed to objectively evaluate these storms ( which I have out) rather than just saying, we have a lot of names and so that’s a sign of the season. I call some of these storms ham sandwiches (as in you can name a ham sandwich if you want) . They barely get to storm intensity via satellite estimates, get a name, and the media goes wild. Dr Phil Klotzbach, and I have no idea what his feeling is on AGW and hurricanes, has the go to site for this

The eastern and Western Pacific, home to the most global tropical activity are in contention FOR RECORD LOW YEARS. Let that sink in. The Atlantic basin, home of what may be 20 storms at the end of this week, including one that could be a nightmare on the central gulf coast if it stalls ( storms do stall or crawl, Harvey and Florence for example, but neither can touch Flora in 1963 which dumped over 100 inches of rain on eastern Cuba) has an ace just slightly above average and the ACE/STORM is currently 2CND LOWEST ON RECORD. Its because short lived minimal storms are getting named. As per previous blogs, it only matters where they go and how strong they are when they get there and we knew back in April when we issued this what was going to happen

Full scale assault from team climate 2

I will add another verification to that this week on the central gulf coast, and believe me our clients have been aware of this threat due to the pattern for over a week.

Its not rocket science or brain surgery, its studying the past for the hint at the future

Now how about this headline:

Earth barreling toward ‘Hothouse’ state not seen in 50 million years, epic new climate record shows

Epic “new” record. Yah that’s the ticket. Lets throw out past research and replace with it with epic new ones. Of course that sounds anti science right, that I don’t believe the latest research cause not only am I a denier, but I am a climate cretin ( Heh, they should use science denying climate cretin… there take that). So, do we throw out the long-standing Geological records that show our climate emergency is actually a climate optimum?

Of course, throw this out, erase what is not convenient.

And by the way “barreling” and “hot house”?

This is the second warmest year in the satellite era, though until the year is over and UAH satellite data comes in with Dr Roy Spencer, perhaps it takes over, but I doubt it, we can’t yet say for sure. But its because one large warm area is outdueling the cool while a large part of the planet, where most people live, are well within small ranges, both warm and cold:

Full scale assault from team climate 3

Of course the warming in that area does have repercussions, one of which may be a bitterly cold winter in much of Canada to counter. (Canadas colder seasons have been cooling a bit). BTW,the vast majority of warming is in the arctic winters, which can be linked to water vapor increase, not CO2.

Full scale assault from team climate 4The warming of the oceans, which can be due to many natural causes, is a key player in a lot of this) as it outsources water vapor which has a bigger effect on temperatures the lower and the drier the air, hence the arctic areas and b) outsources CO2. I have opined on this many times before and will limit it here, but what is warming the oceans is not a slam dunk man is the cause issue, by a long shot.

When you see words like hottest and barreling or whatever they are meant to enlist emotion and fear, not objective evaluation with a mind for perspective.

And of course you get people blaming weird weather on climate change. The climate always changes. But there are counters that are ignored. Solutions, if there is a fear that needs to be addressed (adaptation for one, or very simple economically and environmentally sound ones, like planting more trees, building more nuclear power plants, etc) are simply thrown under the bus. Even if the bus is clean burning natural gas, which if one reads the lefts Green New Deal, has to be gotten rid of too.

But fear not, we will all be taken care of. Just turn your fear over to those smarter than you, and you will be just fine. Yah. That’s the ticket.


  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore.