They’re already watching Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy in Australia, Asia and Africa.

Wherever you are, this important film is headed your way at 8 PM tonight.

New Zealand was first.  An exuberant fan already emailed us this morning saying, “I just watched the world-wide premiere of #ClimateHustle2 –  BRILLIANT!!!”

Brilliant?  We’ll take it!

Down Under they tweeted out a photo saying “Avid crowd absorbing #ClimateHustle2 right now in Perth Western Australia. Thank you @CFACT!”

You’re welcome!

In India they tweeted, “India and the world needs to watch this! #ClimateHustle2 bringing out the truth about Climate Change from experts. Big thanks to @CFACT  for this eye-opener!”

Keep those eyes open!

In Uganda, a person who organized a viewing with friends and students reported,  “what amazed me…[is] some were asking me to give them a copy to go and use it for study purposes!”

Study up, it’s important!

Journalist Mark Steyn said, “Tune into Climate Hustle 2 to see ‘the new world the global warm-mongers are planning for us.'”

Reactions are pouring in.  As of this afternoon people have been loving CH2 in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Uganda, to name a few.  The film is just starting to go live in Europe.
Indeed, people from over 70+ nations around the world have bought tickets. Many are holding “watch parties” where family and friends gather to enjoy the movie (and hopefully some snacks) together.

People are loving Climate Hustle 2.  Their excitement is contagious.

Actor Kevin Sorbo wrote this morning, “The left never stops pushing.  They despise us and the freedom that defines us as Americans.  Understanding how the left hustles us on climate is crucial to stopping them.”

Get the word out!

Tell everyone you can to buy a ticket for tonight’s world premiere of Climate Hustle 2 and join us at 8 PM

Let’s stop the climate hustlers together.


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