To the thousands who watched Climate Hustle 2 in so many countries — THANK YOU!!

For the heaps of praise and messages of appreciation pouring in — THANK YOU!!

To the many who messaged and told us you wanted to watch but couldn’t Thursday night, to everyone who wants to watch again and to all the new friends joining now:


Check out this map.  Together we are exposing the hustlers and turning the tide.  CH2’s audience is truly global!

You humble us.

Thanks also for the pictures that keep on coming of people enjoying the film.


Mark from Southern California: Just watched #ClimateHustle2. Wow – extremely well done and informative! Watch it if you get the chance.

Danny from Canada: More info @ClimateDepot Thanks to Marc Morano and @CJRucker Half the senior citizens in Streamstown Alberta watched and enjoyed #ClimateHustle2 Now we know what 2 get the grand kids for Xmas. Perfect gift 4 teens. 90 shopping days left 😊

Marcel from Amsterdam: I just watched the world premiere of Climate Hustle 2 #ClimateHustle2. Great movie. It tells you everything you need to know about global warming: the hypocrisy of the climate leaders, the indoctrination at schools, the ideology behind it. Message: it’s all about our freedom.

Lily (no location given): I truly enjoyed this film. Very accurate. Should be mandatory watching in all schools at all grade levels.

Kara, high school student from Michigan: everyone was super impressed [with the film] and enjoyed being able to get together to do something with school being out.


Viewers from across the world tune in (from Left): Germany, Virginia, France, and Denmark

If you’ve not yet purchased your ticket for Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy, BUY IT NOW.

If you bought tickets for the live premiere you can watch it again as often as you like until Sunday night 9/27 at midnight Hawaii time (covers just about everyone).

Spread the word.  Tell everyone.  This is important.

Climate hustlers are seeking vast fortunes and unprecedented control over each and every one of us.

Watch Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy this weekend.

Learn to spot the hustle and beat it back with the facts.


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