The Clean Air Act has been a great success — until eco-radicals got a hold of it.

America enjoys our cleanest air and water since pre-industrial times.

Basic economics teaches us that free markets are efficient, but government must protect us from problems such as over-pollution.  Pollution is an example of what economists term “externalities;” impacts caused by producers who do not bare the costs.

We can all be proud of the work we’ve done to curb pollution.

We must be on guard, however, against efforts to misuse our anti-pollution laws and regulations.  Our laws were written to clean and conserve, not as tools for an anti-capitalist Left that never saw a constructive activity it wouldn’t thwart.

CFACT senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen sent a detailed official comment to EPA on clean air standards which focuses on ozone.  We posted it to

Bonner makes a compelling case that EPA would be foolish to further tighten ozone standards at a time when America can least afford them.  The costs would be too high, while the benefits would be too little to matter.

EPA is wisely working to keep current high clean air standards in place, without foolishly expanding them to the point of destruction.


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