Hurricane Zeta will barrel into the Gulf Coast on Wednesday.

This is normal.

The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th.  It peaks around Labor Day.  Late season storms happen.  We’ve got one now.

This hurricane will make landfall just days before a major election.

The real question is, will the Left try and exploit this wholly natural weather event for political advantage?

Joe Bastardi posted a series of examples at where weather may have changed history.

Joe Bastardi is a legendary weather forecaster and frequent CFACT contributor.  He lives and breathes weather data as few people do.  Joe’s the guy who correctly forecast Hurricane Sandy’s destructive landfall in the northeast — well ahead of his peers.

Now Bastardi has issued a new warning.

Among Joe’s fascinating trips down weather memory lane, he reminds us that Hurricane Sandy may have insulated President Obama from Mitt Romney’s momentum just before the 2012 election.  Was this decisive?  That’s something for political pundits and historians to chew over.

Could Zeta tip the electoral scales next Tuesday?

In 2004, George W Bush resoundingly won reelection.  He made big plans to use the momentum from his victory to advance his public policy goals.  In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina shifted the narrative and stole Bush’s momentum away.

Katrina was also entirely natural.  The part where people made the disaster came when aging levies in the New Orleans area failed and flooded the city.  Local Louisiana politicians did a terrible job dealing with the flood, frustrating the federal response.  Bush got the blame, though neither the crumbllng levies nor local incompetence, were remotely his fault.

Watch for the Left to exploit Zeta for political gain and the media to relay their false climate narrative without critical examination.

Check out Joe Bastardi’s post at for more examples where weather impacted important historical events.


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