One of our nations most prominent and talented weather /climate experts, Joe Bastardi, has just published a book entitled The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War. He frequents Sean Hannity’s Fox TV show as a resident expert so Sean, having learned so much from Joe, was kind enough to write the Forward. In it he says:

“Joe has rightfully come to the conclusion that this”phony war” is a smoke screen to push another agenda——the destruction of the very system that made this nation successful. We fight not over the climate but to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We fight not because we are unconcerned about the environment but because we believe a top-down system of government is deleterious. The battle isn’t over climate change. It’s over our way of life.”

Joe Bastardi makes exactly this case through his encyclopedic knowledge of weather and a passion for the topic since childhood. His dad was a meteorologist and he had his own weather forecasting station at Penn State University by his junior year where he was also a standout wrestler arming him for the abuse he would take. All of us who see the climate as beyond man’s control must put up with that abuse from a nation whose media and educators lean left. We have no agenda, only science for support. Joe uses science as few do in weather because he has a organization that is paid to forecast weather by companies whose economic future depends on it. He would be a great and funny TV weather man whose 7 day forecasts are right only 56% of the time but has to be much better to bring back paying clients.

We all know today whenever a potentially damaging weather event occurs the alarmists, radical liberals all, quickly blame it on man-caused climate change. More and more folks are beginning to laugh at the absurdity of it all. It would be even more helpful were they to recognize, for example, that among the 10 worst flood disasters in the US, only two occurred after 1940. And that those who promote alarmism and sea level rise ignore their own warnings like former President Obama building a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard 3 feet above sea level.

Most scientists rely on knowledge of the past to frame the future, but the alarmists ignore it on purpose. No stretch of weather as extreme as that which occurred between the 1930s and 1960s has occurred since. Be it Hurricanes, droughts, heat or cold they all were before our large increases of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Climate alarmists know that there is something exciting weather wise happening somewhere every day and they cherry pick them to scare the public about man’s role in worsening weather. Below is a diagram that explains how unethical scientists choose only data to support their scare scenario. When one looks at the trend line among all the data relating Variable A to Variable B only Trend line 1 can be correct , but choosing very selective data you can choose any trend you wish.

Manufacturing climate deceptions -- Part oneWhat the alarmists do not do is predict significant weather in real time where their forecasts can be judged as accurate or failures. Your TV weather person does a good job or a few days out but recognizes he or she is just slightly better than 50% beyond one week. The real weather scientists like Joe Bastardi literally get paid to forecast weather for clients whose businesses depend on their accuracy.

The real climate/weather scientists learn how painful it is to be wrong when their livelihood depends on it. But once the scars heal they are stronger for it. They learn the lessons of humility and open mindedness and the fact that the atmosphere is a chaotic system. They realize the futility of trying to predict climate decades out with some mathematical equation. Yet students are likely, when taking an Italian language class, to hear a Professor tell the class they “have 20 years to visit Venice before it goes under water”. Yes this drivel is included even in language classes.

Joe Bastardi one of our best competing weather analysts does not have a Ph.D. in meteorology, but does has 45 years of experience putting his knowledge on the line about 3000 hours a year. He finds it completely incredible that alarmists want to tell us we are approaching a climate emergency which is worth spending trillions of dollars to attempt to thwart nature in some minuscule manner. All this when the facts say we are experiencing a climate optimum.

Bastardi is not opposed to acting in opposition to nature when it makes sense. That does not include affecting the temperature of the planet decades hence but does include attempting to reduce the furor of a hurricane by seeding it with chemicals to wring out some of its intensity before it hits populated costal areas. We need more weather scientists who approach nature in realistic provable fashions instead of the conn artists feeding at the government trough.


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