This is excerpted ( and added on to) from my book, The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War. By nature I am a happy warrior on that loves to be challenged. In fact Dr Jay Lehr thinks I am too nice. I am also someone who believes and is grateful to a mighty and merciful heavenly father, and because of that, and what I was taught, I am compassionate and want to help people. So unlike a lot of other climate change books, I delve into the spiritual aspect of this in my eyes ( may not be yours) but also in this chapter, offer what I believe is an environmentally and economically sound solution that will not cripple the economic lifeline of this nation and take money away from where it should be directed, in helping the least fortunate among us now.

The real battleground is being obscured by the smoke of the man made climate-change agenda. There are people on both sides of the debate who are truly invested. But if there was any kind of even playing field, you would know the names of prominent climate skeptics. They are numerous, but they are also isolated, demonized, and destroyed. They get branded. The dismissal of people whose PhDs required just as much knowledge as did the doctorates obtained by their peers with opposing viewpoints should instantly make any objective person dig deeper.

The constant bombardment of young minds with the idea they don’t have a future is something that can’t be overcome. Your intentions may be noble, but the horse is out of the barn. The man made climate change agenda owns this issue. That voting bloc will be crucial in coming elections — enough to tip the scale. If that happens, it allows socialism to carry the day, and Ronald Reagan’s warning that we can lose our freedoms in one generation will have been proven true.

The solution? Make this the issue of those wishing to advance prosperity and freedom. Present a plan that won’t crash the economy. Find people of good will on both sides of the political spectrum that want that answer. Put forward ideas that will enhance the future of that voter bloc that fears this and capture its imagination. Let them know we aren’t some exclusionary greedy machine but one that truly loves our neighbors and wants the best for them. Explain the humility that comes from understanding the challenges we face.. Take CO2 off the table by implementing the following three-pronged plan I call the Real Green Deal.

  1. Plant trees. In fact, create a global Marshall Plan to expand warm-season foliage. Studies show that planting enough trees around the globe — enough to fill Canada — would take care of the CO2 increase, no matter the cause. The U.S. could take the lead. It would instantly get the attention of people who think we are only about bulldozing and burning trees. It would be far less costly than a $10 trillion (or more) Green New Deal that’s nothing more than a smoke screen for the redistribution of wealth. What’s the other side going to do — be against planting trees? That response would expose these extremists for what they are.

  1. Embrace nuclear power. It’s time we shake off the China Syndrome hangover in this country. This is the 21st century, and we are the United States. We can build safe nuclear power plants, and we can figure out a way to get rid of nuclear waste. This is something even James Hansen — one of the prime drivers of the man-made global-warming narrative — agrees with. It’s a CO2-neutral way of generating power.

  1. Implement carbon capture. This would not only significantly reduce the release of CO2 into the air but also protect jobs in the oil and coal fields while opening up an opportunity for more jobs. This would have the added benefit of safeguarding fossil fuels — the most efficient source of energy we have.

Item No. 4 is the string that ties the package. I’m involved with a group that has put together a brilliant economic plan that would not only prevent shutting down our economic lifeline but would put the choice into the hands of the consumer. But the plan puts America first and, just as importantly, puts you, the consumer, first. It gives you a choice in how to handle this matter.

CO2 is being used as a tactical weapon that’s not only armed to the teeth but has created a phony war. What’s the best way to counter that? Take the issue out of the protagonists’ hands with ideas that will make CO2 a moot point. If we develop a perfect balance between CO2 emitted and CO2 done away with, yet the cumulative number is still climbing, then humans can’t be at fault. Either way, the issue is off the table.

Now let me explain to those that think somehow I am going “soft” or to “warm and fuzzy”. I am not saying I am wrong, I am saying a lot of people fear this, and I do not want my neighbor to live in fear. I will use an example of my daughter Jessie. When she was 3 years old, already in love with Christmas, she had a virtual army of Nut Crackers. But what she wanted was a life size Barbie. So for her birthday, which was about 3 weeks before Christmas, we got her that Barbie. Well about a week later she comes into our room, crying, saying the Barbie was staring at her and telling the Nutcrackers to attack her when she fell asleep.

So out of this great gift, the Barbie, an irrational fear developed, I did not believe that Barbie was leading a Nut Cracker Army. But my daughter did

Now what is a parent to do? Do I go in an destroy the room, smashing all the nutcrackers? Or do I simply remove the Barbie? I removed the Barbie.

Whether I believe co2 is the climate control knob or not is not the issue anymore in my opinion. Sure ,many purist on both sides want to continue to argue that, but the fact is a lot of people no matter what the reason BELIEVE co2 is going to destroy the planet. I have spent much of this book showing that is not the case, but a lot of people are not going to listen to that. So what do we do? Do we destroy the entire system that makes life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even possible? No. Simply remove the problem. The above ideas do just that and don’t burn the entire room, Nutcrackers and all!

I often look at the democrats and wonder, who among them has the guts to step up and actually look at this. Afterall Reagan was a democrat. Trump was a democrat ( perhaps the reason both were demonized so much was because people felt betrayed, but both were really torn apart by the press at the time, so this person would have to face that risk) I look at Joe Manchin of West Virginia and he is the closest natural evolution of the party I was a part of till 1982 ( democrats). He is from a state that knows full well the value of fossil fuels. Shirley Capito just won with 70% of the vote! It will be very tough for him to win re-election as a democrat, even if he stands against his party on the Green New Deal ( good luck with that) . But I would love to get in front of him with this idea for instance, or any other person that is actually concerned about reducing this fear, It is actually a no fault solution that won’t crash the economy.

As a political consideration beyond, it would make Joe Manchin look pretty good on a national level as a republican that came from the left and found a no fault solution to the climate change fear that as talked about earlier in the book, is going to use Covid as a model to dictate and control social behavior.

H.L. Mencken’s words continue to ring louder than ever.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

Covid, Climate change, you name it, Mencken a democrat btw, nailed it.

It’s very important that freedom-loving people develop a bold idea to capture this crucial set of voters and to alleviate their fears. . You aren’t going to convince them with scientific arguments since most of them have been told all their lives this is a threat and really don’t have the time and/or inclination to look into the counterevidence that our schools, media, socialites, and politicians have bottled up. Instead, prove that its people that really want to find a solution — not the side jamming rhetoric down our throats — that has the humility to say we’re concerned and want to provide options. We want to put forward true solutions and don’t care except to advance the freedoms that have made this country the envy of the world.

We can de-weaponize the issue and the result will be a positive one. The opposite is true if we capitulate to zealots.

Any solution to any problem should have to answer this question: Does it do harm to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? The plan outlined in this chapter does no harm and, in my opinion, builds on America’s foundation.


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