So-called “renewable” energy is all the rage.  The problem is that wind and solar, the most popular renewables, are intermittent, inefficient energy sources that are far better at generating subsidies than electricity.

Then there’s geothermal, which just might be a zero emissions (if that’s your thing), renewable energy source that scales.

David Wojick explains the science at

There is a revolution coming in geothermal energy. How big it will be and how fast it can grow remains to be seen, but the revolutionary technology is here now… The Earth’s crust we live on is just a thin film wrapped around an 8,000 mile diameter molten ball. In some places under the deep ocean this crust is estimated to be just 3 miles or so thick. It is somewhat thicker under the continents but the point remains; it gets hot fast as you drill down into the crust. That heat is geothermal energy.

Fracking enabled the U.S. to achieve the long-sought goal of energy independence.  Turns out fracking is a gift that keeps on giving.  Wojick explains that fracking has profound applications for geothermal, allowing energy producers to pinpoint underground heat sources with greater accuracy than ever before:

With hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) we can make these geothermal reservoirs where we want them, the size we want them, and where the heat is the temperature we want, especially very hot. This includes the so-called “supercritical” water at 400 degrees C, which is now used in the most advanced power-plants.

The anti-energy Left is champing at the bit, hoping Joe Biden will make their most destructive fantasies come true.

Up to this point, they’ve given a somewhat tacit approval to geothermal energy…but will that continue if it is linked to “fracking”? Guess we will have to wait and see!


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