Recent admissions by Dr. Fauci on actions taken on Covid reveal what I suspected and actually wrote about here on CFACT with Covid-Climate linkage and is in my book. First of all, the hypocrisy of the media in blasting President Trump for not wanting to cause a panic, and then allowing for Dr Fauci to essentially do the same thing on masks, etc.( not cause a panic since he wanted health care workers to have them first) speaks volumes. Other recent admissions reveal that Dr Fauci is into a leftist tactic of trying to shape RELATIVE TRUTH vs ABSOLUTE TRUTH. That is an ends justify the means tactics, whether the means are factual or not. Or even just suspected, which is a far cry from fact.

This actually is something that the Opening Chapter of my Book goes right at, ( The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War) The real agenda, one leg of which is pitting the relative truth of man to manipulate people into fear, vs the absolute truth that is in the entire known geological record of the planet. Climate optimums from the past are now climate extremes today. So to combat extremes, we must take extreme action, and by doing so, a controlling non divine authority limits the free will that is the absolute truth that is written in our opening lines of our declaration. So here comes the linkage. Again the book contains 2 chapters foretelling of what you are seeing. I don’t mean to sound pompous, but this is predictable given the statements and the actions of the band of zealots that are driving this. And a nation willing to accept without question a ruling authority is a nation that will be ruled by authority.

Dr Fauci admits there were a lot of unknowns so for the greater good, he recommended actions that were not backed with proof, but instead were designed to create a response in the public. Its Mencken 101, “The Urge to Save Humanity is almost always a false front for the Urge to rule.”

I think Dr Fauci may be doing what he believes is best. (the very fact he is saying this tells me he is someone who is not on a power trip like he is being accused of, but instead is making decisions based on what he believes is good. But by doing that, he is causing harm to others, since it takes away their freedom) But others have hijacked the issue and used it as a political battering ram, to essentially push a fundamental transformation of our nation away from the very words of our founders. That he tends to hang out with those people (example the calling every night a Chris Cuomo when he had COVID, I wonder if he called President Trump every night when he had it? And btw how did President Trump get rid of it so fast given he is older and, to put it nicely, heftier than Chris Cuomo.) does not help the appearance of objectivity.

But now think about this. Suppose I believe a foot of snow was coming and I did not want you to travel because I feared for your life. In fact make it so I didn’t want any of my family or friends to travel out of the concern they could drive off the road and die. Am I allowed to take measures ( slit tires, pour sugar in the gas tank, etc) to make sure these people do not go anywhere. Afterall its for their own good. And what if it does not snow, do I simply say, I did it to save them? ( BTW, I know those things because that is what happened up here in a union fight with a local contractor that refused to unionize. They had to set bear traps around their property which stopped it very quickly). But there it is again, the means justify the ends argument that pits the “social good” of a union vs the will of someone that owns and built a company.

So when it comes to climate, this is exactly what is going on. We have a group of good intentioned concerned scientists. ( I have read a lot of the research of the top ones and believe it’s a matter of over attribution to co2. Its like me focusing one major teleconnection in weather and ignoring the total picture) They tend to lean left, but they believe what they are doing is for the social good. But their intentions are hijacked completely by a group of zealots who are pivoting from Covid into Climate as a means to change the foundational values that have made this nation the envy of the world. Ah yes the word envy. This group believes we stole from the rest of the world, hence our success. It was not our system which if applied elsewhere would lead to such success. But then again success would mean destruction of the planet. Such a group does not believe truly that a mighty and merciful loving God actually gave us what we need to adapt to the challenges that face us, with a reach toward that entity. Instead they are obsessed with another agenda that puts their interest. So be it Covid,Climate,Weather, etc its all out of the same play book, the relative truth of men who think they know better and want individuals to submit, vs the absolute truth that is contained right in the opening lines of our Declaration, and is divinely inspired.

Its up to you to look at everything and come to your own conclusion. But a lot depends on where your focus is. Again that is still your choice… at least right now.

Happy New Year everyone and get ready, a lot of wild weather on the way for much of the country IMO. Mid Jan to mid Feb.


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