The Oceans have cooled quite a bit since last year at this time.Is Covid or nature slowing the increase in Co2?Co2 is about 7% lower in the RATE OF RISE.

So Let me review my hypothesis on what is behind the lions share of co2 increase, even if I believe it has only a minor role in the earths climate (if that)

Lets look at some simple facts:

  1. Oceans are the biggest sink of co2
  2. The warmer the oceans, the more co2 released.
  3. The oceans have warmed.

For instance, look at the SST now( right) vs 35 years ago:

Is Covid or nature slowing the increase in Co2? 1

My hypothesis is a cumulative buildup of co2 has developed due to the natural cyclical warming of the oceans. This continues until such a time that a balance is reached. The planet is trying to counter it with more and more foliage which forms one of the legs of my “no fault” solution for what I believe is an agenda driven fear built off indoctrination, of AGW, based on co2. So plant enough trees, build enough nuclear power plants and do carbon capture and if you are going to blame co2 for warming (which by and large I am not), the problem is solved no matter what you believe. I outline it in my new book, The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War. That is a novelty, someone actually proposing a no fault solution to a problem that most likely not exist ( if it does, adapt and move on) that will not destroy our way of life.

The other “solution” is the Green New Deal, which as a by-product, is likely to disrupt, if not destroy the economic lifeline of the U.S economy and goes right at the heart of the system that made us the envy of the world.

But the fact is the slow-down is being attributed to Covid since Covid caused a worldwide shut down of industry for several weeks in the spring. At that time the co2 curve looked very similar to previous years at that time. So we could not tell. But now that it is later in the year, the claim that it was the Covid shutdowns that lowered it, which would be the obvious argument the AGW crowd would make, since it would argue for the kind of shutdown to destroy capitalism they are seeking, is being sold without even looking at the other side of the argument. The oceans are cooling and the rate of increase should slow some based on my idea.

To add to the “problem” of blame game my side of the debate (those of us that believe in open minded debate) can not run from the fact that co2 and temps have been rising over the past 35 years. Which means the other side does have a ground to argue their point. Problem is they do not think anyone should challenge them. So, which is it? As per many posts before, I use SUPER NINOS, and the responding higher-level temperature plateaus to argue it is largely increased water vapor, not co2. Is Covid or nature slowing the increase in Co2? 5Super nino’s release immense amounts of WV which make a difference in temp especially in polar regions where they impact lower temps and dew points much more than where its warm and humid. We have no temperature/co2 temperature correlations. We do water vapor and temperatures correlations. Gee I wonder why? Suggested reading in my book:

Chapter 6: The Weaponization of the Global Temperature

In any case here is the Keeling Curve site most recent 2-year curve.


Is Covid or nature slowing the increase in Co2? 3

I want to point out 2 things. 1) there is flattening of the curve Jan-Mar likely due to the max extent of global sea ice at the time, as that prevents ocean outsourcing of co2, again showing the importance of the oceans and co2 rather than man. If the oceans were all ice, then there would be no co2 outsourcing. There would likely be no mankind either, a minor point. After all Prince Phillip did say he wants to come back to life as a virus that wipes out humans

“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

2. Since the low point this year at 411.2 ppm On Jan 1 we are at about 414.2 ppm, an increase in 3 ppm since the low point (plants die, and heating increases, hence the co2 cold season increase)

The previous year we hit a low point of of about 408, and had a rise to 413 by Jan 1. Roughly, that is a deficit of 2 ppm from last year to this year in the rise. Industry has opened back up. I don’t think its Covid, but I do suspect the cooling ocean has something to do with it.

But look for the Covid-Climate coalition to use their assumption that the indoctrinated public will accept their premise that its COVID, without even looking at the other side of the issue here. Get used to it, you are seeing a dress rehearsal of what is going to be used with climate. And while this is shameless promotion, its all foretold in the book I wrote. ( 2 chapters on that, largely based on items I showed here on CFACT back in spring)

Now the ultimate irony: I am watching my adversaries in this matter verify my forecast. That’s kind of interesting, eh? Perhaps I should thank them.


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