“Oil and gas gets a bad rap because folks say it’s it’s not green. But the point to make is there is no such thing as green energy. In other words, every source of energy has an impact footprint. If we talk about wind and solar and think of it is pure, we’re thinking wrong because it takes an enormous amount of fossil fuels to manufacture a wind turbine or a solar panel.” — Arthur Stewart, president of Cameron Energy Company

In Episode 216 of District of Conservation, Gabriella publishes extended interviews Arthur Stewart and Tyler Martin from Cameron Energy Company based in Warren, PA. She and her “Conservation Nation” videographer Madison Hughes can be heard asking the guys questions from their filming trip back in July. Learn more about their conventional well drilling services and fracking here.

Here’s more about Arthur Stewart and Tyler Martin:

Arthur grew up on a Christmas tree farm; he went to law school where he focused on property and oil and gas law.  He began practicing law in Warren PA in 1985, and in 1988 he purchased 13 oil and gas wells.  He bought more wells, began drilling new wells, and despite the setbacks of a few dry holes, continued to grow the company.  Along the way he retired from the practice of law, co-founded and sold a hydrofracture sand business, and grew his family’s original tree farm from a little under a thousand acres to several times that.  Arthur has served on the Salvation Army Board for over 30 years, United Fund for 20, and the School Board for over 12.  He co-founded the Allegheny Forest Alliance and the PA Grade Crude Oil Coalition.  He is appointed by the governor to serve on PA’s Crude Oil Development Advisory Council.  Arthur leads Cameron’s management staff, acquisitions and governmental affairs.

Tyler is Cameron’s Environmental Care Coordinator.  Tyler is a graduate of Slippery Rock University with a degree in GIS technology.  Tyler began his career with Hanover Engineering Associates, Inc implementing Nationwide-12 permitting and Ohio EPA procedures.  Tyler joined Cameron in 2014 and is in charge of all of Cameron’s mapping and environmental compliance.  Tyler is also vice-president of Cameron’s sister company, Caledonia Land Company, which grows PA hardwoods under a renewable forestry plan.

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