“If you’re a gun owner living in Virginia, it appears your power company does not want you to turn out to vote. The political action committee for Dominion Energy, one of the largest power providers in the state, is a major funder of a shadowy group buying pro-gun ads against Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin. The power company gave $200,000 to the Accountability Virginia PAC, according to disclosures released this month.” — Stephen Gutowski, The Reload

In Episode 222 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a breaking news story relating to the upcoming Virginia gubernatorial election and how the state’s electric utility company funneled $200K to a shadowy leftist group discouraging gun voters from voting for Glenn Youngkin, who is more pro-gun than Terry McAuliffe. 

UPDATE: Dominion Energy CEO has called for $200K donation to be returned (Richmond Times-Dispatch)


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