“I’m a North Dakota guy born and raised. I love visiting other places but North Dakota is always my home. You know, I’ve never really left here I grew up in a small little community which for the listeners if you’re into walleye fishing, may be familiar with witches, Devils Lake, it’s 160,000 freshwater acre lake that’s sitting in the middle of the state that is probably one of the top five walleye fisheries in the whole US or North America even.” — Tanner Cherney, influencer marketing specialist at SPYPOINT Trail Cameras

In Episode 261 of District of Conservation, Gabriella publishes her interview with her friend and SPYPOINT Influencer Market Specialist and North Dakota native/outdoor communicator, Tanner Cherney. She also discusses the conservation legacy Congressman Don Young (R-AK), 88, left behind following his passing last week. Tune in.


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