Could Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ meet its doom within 3 years?

Time is melting away for one of Antarctica’s biggest glaciers, and its rapid deterioration could end with the ice shelf’s complete collapse in just a few years,” alarmist researchers warned at a virtual press briefing on Dec. 13, 2021 at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)–a once outstanding professional society, but now a shill for the left.

Above is the first sentence of the article titled Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ could meet its doom within 3 years,not what we would expect to see from a once reputable source, the AGU. It warns us that in a few years, the world’s largest glacier, about the size of Florida, will melt and raise ocean levels by up to 3 meters (about 10 ft). It then tells us that the glacier is melting from below because the surrounding ocean waters have been warmed thanks to human-induced climate change.Finally, it tells us that a team of more than 100 scientists from the USA and the UK have been studying the Thwaites glacier and sharing their findings with scientists worldwide.

The article then explains that the Thwaites is not melting from above, but the melting is coming from below,from the warmed-up oceans that have been warmed by human-made CO2 and the greenhouse effect. The bulk of the article then proceeds to detail the forecasted consequences around the world:

Flooding in all coastal communities with a dramatic picture of Venice,

The hundreds of icebergs released to the open oceans,

How the cataclysmic break-off of this gigantic Thwaites ice shelf may cause an acceleration of the melting of other ice shelves, etc.,

Concludes how the team of scientists will continue to monitor the developments and keep the scientific community, policymakers, and the public informed.

Read the complete article here. So, even if this crazed team of USA and UK scientists kept the worlds scientists informed of their findings, they may not have kept themselves informed of what other scientists were finding.

This team may not have even been communicating with each other. Almost a decade earlier, geologists were seeing evidence of volcanoes in a known active tectonic plate boundary, buried under the glacier and the oceans. Before 2017, at least 47 volcanoes were found in western Antarctica and around the area of the Thwaites glacier. In 2017 the Guardian reported that an additional 91 volcanoes had been found along the western shores of Antarctica, with some sitting under the Twaites glacier itself. See the article Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet.

So here we have an article by Mindy Weisberger, published December 21, 2021, at least four years after discovering the 91 additional volcanoes (138 total), that does not even mention the word volcanoes, not even once. If our arithmetic is correct, this Thwaites glacier should have broken off around 2019, but its still there and still melting from below caused by volcanic activities, yet these useless so called scientists still place all the blame for melting on humans.

What are we to conclude? Was this article an example of an isolated mistakeby one person/one publisher or just another example of the disinformation campaign of the CO2/greenhouse-warming alarmists? It is clearly the latter.

Unlike you dear reader who is likely mildly provoked by the the human caused climate change lies that surround you on a daily basis, your authors have been immersed in this greatest of all frauds for careers stretching more than half a century. We have researched lies at United Nations conferences back into the 1960’s. Therefore it makes it impossible for us to avoid the topic at every single social exchange of words. Last week for the junior author it was buying a fuel pump at Advance Auto Parts. Whereever we can, one by one, we try to unburden folks with the lies they have now grown up with. It is a small step for humanity, but at days end we feel we have done something to help fight this war of scientific misinformation.


  • Terigi Ciccone

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