“Over time, I’ve actually become I became a NOAA Weather Ready, Ambassador. And this was a program that NOAA created about five or six years ago— mostly for folks who are interested in weather and in topics such like that… But over time I’ve met with really experts in the industry. I’ve met with tree experts: dendrologists. Dendrology is the study of trees, actually. So I met with dendrologists from different universities, and I feel like I’ve become [an expert] over time— over 15 years— which I’ve been doing this for.” — Kyle Cotner, found of The Foliage Report

In Episode 312 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews Kyle Cotner of The Foliage Report. Learn more about Kyle and his foliage reports on the podcast today.

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Photo Credit: Gabriella Hoffman / Shenandoah National Park – October 27th, 2022


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