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60 Minutes climate softball

“60 Minutes” used to be known for hard-hitting journalism. But when it comes to climate change alarmism, the news magazine show becomes a promoter of the cause. On March 3, 2019, Steve Kroft lobbed softball after softball to his interviewees without even bothering to engage in critical examination. What would Andy Rooney think?

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Science is falsifiable — WATCH NOW

Science is objective, not emotional. Time to hold climate science up the the rigorous standards the scientific method demands. Featuring Marc Morano -- WATCH NOW

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Prodding Trump’s EPA to reexamine “Endangerment Finding”

BY WILLIAM KOVACS: without independent testing of the factual claims establishing its Finding, EPA retains the power to regulate all energy-producing and energy-using activities throughout the United States – and thus to regulate our production, consumption, transportation, employment base and living standards.

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