About Jay Dauenhauer

Jay Dauenhauer is the host of the Energy Cast podcast, now in its fourth year. Jay was a news producer before moving to the energy sector. He has been an executive director of a carbon capture association in Texas, served as a project manager in the fracking industry, and now serves as a project manager for Transmission in the Carolinas. Visit Jay at https://www.energy-cast.com/

105 | Dynamic Districts | Vicinity Energy

We discuss the strategy to achieve net-zero carbon for district energy networks with Vicinity Energy Chmn., Pres. and CEO Bill DiCroce. For pictures and additional info, visit http://www.energy-cast.com/105-vicinity.html.

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111 | Star Storage | EnerVenue

We explore the advantages of metal hydrogen battery technology, originally developed for space but now poised to support energy storage expansion, with EnerVenue CEO Jorg Heinemann. For pictures and more info, visit http://www.energy-cast.com/111-enervenue.html

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