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Ron is a free enterprise activist, author, and newspaper columnist. He pioneered methods to expose the money and power of Big Green in nine books and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. He mentors promising activists and writers as a civic duty.

Workers suffer when militarized police and Big Green get together

Billionaire environmentalists have long been at war against the American people -- and hide behind federal agencies which have joyfully done their bidding. Today, however, people are awakening to this threat, and fighting back against the billionaires. As Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written, the poor will revolt against this micro-management of the economy and the environment by rich elites.

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Stop the Big Green mind-killer

Fear is the mind-killer, wrote Frank Herbert in his 1965 science fiction epic, Dune. With that melodramatic mantra as a guide, we can see how ugly, malicious and wrong the Big Green climate mafia is: It's making dead minds. Dead minds don't ask, If we give in to your fear and stop using fossil fuels, how will we meet our energy needs of today and tomorrow? (Ron Arnold attempts to "out nerd" our editor with a science fiction analogy -- Good luck with that).

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