The UN’s Next “DiCaprio”? …Meet Disney Channel’s Luke Mullen   For young UN groupies gathered at the UN’s Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City this week, Luke Mullen is a big deal. 17-year-old Luke plays a basketball coach on a Disney Channel Series called “Andi Mack.”  The show made an historical Disney first with a character who came out as gay.  While that was not Luke’s character, Luke is not shy about his activism. He is the vice president of “Tomorrows Green,” a non-profit environmental group based in Santa Barbara. And like media sensation Greta Thunberg, he partnered up with “Fridays for Future” in May 2019 to support the students' [...]

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Video: ‘Miss NY Earth USA’ couldn’t be more wrong about climate

CFACT's Undercover operative recently interviewed Nicolette Templier, aka "Miss New York Earth USA", at the United Nations' Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to Templier, the "Miss Earth USA" organization is "a beauty pageant organization that focuses solely on environmental action." Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to focus on environmental "facts." Our investigative reporter asked Templier's opinion on climate skeptics and climate change in general. Her answers are simply a regurgitation of UN climate change alarmist talking points on everything from polar ice to polar bears, that fall to pieces when confronted with the facts. You can watch Templier's [...]

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Farm freedom heroine

Martha Boneta dreamed of having a farm in Virginia’s lush countryside. Green busybodies turned her dream into a nightmare. She fought back and won. WATCH NOW

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