Founded in 2009, and directed by CFACT’s Marc Morano, the award-winning Climate Depot:

  • Is the go-to resource sought out by major media outlets all over the world on the issue of global warming, frequently cited in the New York Times, the Guardian, Fox News, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Esquire Magazine and many more.
  • Brings in an estimated 9,000 unique visitors per day, tops 50,000 unique visitors per day when important stories are in the news, and has hit a high of roughly three-quarters of a million visitors per month during peak times.
  • Has been described by Tina Brown’s Daily Beast as a “bustling, one-stop shop for climate skeptics.”
  • Rolling Stone declared Morano one of the planet’s 17 “climate killers” in a cover story.
  • Rush Limbaugh stated in a broadcast that Morano is “single-handedly … the guy (other than me, of course) doing a better job of ringing the bells alarming people of what’s going on [regarding the global warming issue].”

Climate Depot also received the Accuracy in Media journalism award and an award from Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) for “demonstrating courage and achievement in defense of scientific truth and freedom.” Climate Depot was inducted into Townhall Magazine’s “Townhall of Fame” and the magazine noted Climate Depot is “the No. 1 online destination for the truth behind today’s global warming hysteria.”