Fred Singer -- A giant of science has passed
Fred Singer was warm, good humored, kind, and spunky … but he was also deeply intelligent and wise. He would no doubt want us to carry on his fight, and that we intend to do....
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2803, 2020

Shale out!

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Russia and Saudi Arabia are trying to exploit the COVID 19 crisis and force U.S. shale oil producers into bankruptcy by flooding the market with oil, dropping the price as low as $20 a barrel. Should the Trump Administration bailout producers who are overextended? Here’s our perspective on the question of a “SHALE-out”. WATCH NOW

2503, 2020

Bill Gates: You know better than this. We need you now!

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Bill Gates said the economy must remain closed. One-size-fits-all, blanket solutions are second nature to governments.  Precision and innovation is not the bureaucracy's forté.  Time for our best innovators to provide their expertise and lead.