A Red Team review of climate crisis assertions
Gavin Schmidt’s spat with Steve Koonin underscores why we need to debate climate change.
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2106, 2019

There’s gold in them thar trees!

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Researchers have found a way to analyze tree leaves for trace amounts of minerals that may be underneath the tree in the ground below, so as to give a hint of where to mine for valuable resources.

1706, 2019

Turbine trouble

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It is expensive, heavily subsidized (a hidden tax), unreliable, causes negative health impacts, kills large birds of prey and bats and can be maddening to people who live nearby. They're bad for the military too.

1006, 2019

Library rejects climate best seller

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Apparently in defense of climate orthodoxy, the Northland Public Library of suburban Pittsburgh has banned from its shelves a best-selling book by a nationally recognized local author.

906, 2019

Can plant viruses help boost pesticide safety?

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Researchers have discovered a particular plant virus that can deliver pesticide molecules deeper below the ground, targeting places normally beyond their reach. This has the benefit of limiting a pesticide’s impact on the natural world.