Do You Still Recall Your Last Summer

by Einar Du Rietz Reading weather forecasts this season has been like reading horoscopes in tabloids; you can be certain that it will be the reverse. The only time so far, when the prediction really was correct was when CFACT Europe President Holger Thuss and I visited the Imperial Funeral in Vienna. The papers said it should be 30 plus Celsius. It was. The event became memorable in more than one way, considering the funeral attires we were wearing. Now, in the high season, apart from the obvious focus on the tragedy in Norway and the US economy, the [...]

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Otto von Habsburg-Lothingen, RIP

CFACT mourns the loss of Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius von Habsburg, a great European and advocate for individual freedom and dignity.  CFACT will be well represented at the funeral in Vienna with both Holger Thuss and Einar Du Rietz attending.   He will be buried together with his wife Regina, who died in February 2010, in Vienna's Imperial Burial Vault on 16 July 2011.  Funeral arrangements.  

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CFACT’s Presentation to the Paneuropa Youth Conference in Vienna

HOLGER J. THUSS (Jena) On February 6th an audience of 80 assembled in the Miller Aicholz Conference Center in Vienna, Austria, to discuss the upcoming European Elections, and to listen to various prominent speakers addressing this year’s key event of EU politics. Most of the attendees so called PanAlp09 conference were students and young academics from 12 European countries, many of them activists of their own national branches of the Paneuropean youth movement. […]

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Third European Resource Bank: Vienna

Dr. HOLGER THUSS (Wien) “Taxpayer and Environment Issues are Intertwined,” Dr. Thuss says. CFACT EUROPE’s Executive Director participated in the Third European Resource Bank Meeting, held in cooperation with the Annual Meeting of the World Taxpayer Associations from June 29 – July 2 in Vienna, Austria. The meetings bring together taxpayer and free market activists from around the globe to share ideas and strategy. “The interests of taxpayers and free market environmentalists throughout the world are interwoven. Wrong tax policies and counterproductive environmental measures often go hand in hand,” Dr. Thuss said. “Sharing our experiences of resisting red tape and high [...]

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