IPCC climate modeling procedures need serious re-modeling

Everyone ought to be very skeptical of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change once they learn that the IPCC violated 72 of 89 relevant forecasting principles in creating its climate change projections. As Australian forecasting guru Kesten Green explains, "(T)here really is no excuse for the negligence IPCC has shown in overlooking the findings of nearly a century of research on forecasting methods in addressing matters so vital to the public interest."

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The science fiction of IPCC climate models

Green, Armstrong, and Soon, authors of the only peer-reviewed paper that claims to provide scientific forecasts of long-range global mean temperatures, explain that the IPCC climate forecasting modelers violated 72 of 89 relevant scientific forecasting principles to reach their politically mandated conclusions -- conclusions that are the supposed basis for very costly regulations that stifle growth and burden the future.

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