The Hillary treatment for climate fraudsters?

Maybe Eric Schneiderman and his fellow AGs are onto something -- they are just investigating the wrong side. Instead of criminalizing differences of opinion or inconvenient facts, we might do well to root out actual fraud, let real science prevail, and protect our livelihoods and living standards from unscrupulous people and organizations that are using fraudulent climate chaos claims to control energy use, transform the U.S. and global economic systems, and redistribute the world’s wealth.

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More fraudulent science from EPA

The EPA is at it again -- using fraudulent science to justify lowering automotive sulfur content from 30 ppm to 10 ppm -- after already reducing the sulfur allowable from 300 to 30 ppm just since 2004. EPA makes the bold, fraudulent claim that the rules will cost consumers less than a penny a gallon. Meanwhile, EPA has doled out $181 million to 15 of its Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee members in grants since 2000, which hardly makes them independent. CFACT's Paul Driessen makes a strong case for ending million-dollar payoffs to advisory groups and much more effective legislative and judiciary oversight of unaccountable government agenices like the EPA.

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