Green non-profit tied to big left-wing money

“The group has deep ties to the legal activists and wealthy donors who are executing a coordinated and well-funded campaign against the energy industry. These connections raise a number of unanswered questions; and as the litigation continues, it’s likely that there will be even more sunlight on EarthRights International.”

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Podesta appointment means government by fiat on climate, environment issues

President Obama's appointment of George Soros-backed activist John Podesta sends a clear signal that the White House is tired of being restrained by Congress and intends to govern by Executive Order on a wide range of economic and environmental issues. With a compliant mainstream media and an ineffective GOP opposition, he is likely to dramatically limit the possibilities for economic growth in the name of saving the planet.

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Regulations: crony capitalism’s tool

Soros was instrumental at the least, integral at the most, in writing Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Bill that put nearly $100 billion into various Green energy companies and projects. Additionally, there is a little-publicized connection between Soros, Green energy advocacy, and the White House.... Lakatos’ thorough research discovered that Soros’ Green tab exceeds $11 billion of stimulus money (dwarfing Citibank’s) –– and we, the taxpayers, footed the bill.

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