End Game or Mid Term – Bonn

by Einar Du Rietz, Bonn The game is not over yet, but the climate talks in Bonn are. For the time being. Another session is already scheduled for August, and it might very well be that the free-lunchers will squeeze yet another in, during the buildup of expectations before Cancun. After the enormous debacle before, during and after Copenhagen, it seems unlikely that the general public hysteria could be regenerated. You can’t fool all the people all the time, but remember that you can still fool some. […]

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At Least – Leave Those Kids Alone

by Einar Du Rietz, Bonn I feel old sometimes. I’m not, according to my doctor, but I’m at least not “Youth”, as defined by the United Nations to be between the age of 15 and 24 (for the first three years in there, you also have the privilege of being “child” at the same time). Couldn’t care less. The UNFCCC however, cares a lot, and that’s where I start to care. […]

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Update from Bonn Climate Conference

Discord, blame and profiteering at UN Bonn climate conference as UN scrambles to get climate treaty back on track; calls for developed nations to repay 'climate debt' and an 'international court of climate and environmental justice' to prosecute developed world.  Full Update at CFACT.org. Press briefing tomorrow June 10, 10:30, room Haydn at Hotel Maritim Bonn.  Read our press release at CFACT.tv.

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CFACT at Bonn climate talks

CFACT is reporting from the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany. Our display addresses issues of alternative energy and juxtaposes wind turbines with the famed Moai, the carved heads of Easter Island, stating that civilization can't run for long on superstition or subsidies. On Saturday and Sunday CFACT met with scientists and policy experts credentialed as members of our delegation in the nearby town of Hennef during a meeting organized by the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE). CFACT is providing publications to every delegation, meeting delegates, briefing the press, raising questions and providing hard information. Our press [...]

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Petersberg Climate Dialogue: Merkel and Röttgen try to Dispense with the Drama

By Edgar L. Gärtner Sophisticated self-deception As already mentioned, the end of the Copenhagen climate summit at the end of 2009 demonstrated that the climatic political course of the European Union and particularly Germany lost  its attractiveness in the world enormously.In view of the fact that Europe’s economy has stagnated as the only world region in the 21st Century and is barely able to cope with the challenges of the financial crisis, more and more state heads do not like to follow the climate political out-ride of Germany. The socialist government of Australia has right now suspended the execution of its [...]

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Confidential U.S. Climate Strategy Leaked in Bonn

Reveals radical global warming treaty push, efforts to “bypass” and spin media Guardian environment editor John Vidal obtained a confidential U.S. climate strategy document from a “hotel computer” at the Bonn climate talks.  Vidal did not reveal to CFACT’s “Mission Bonn” team what was afoot, but came to the CFACT display obviously quite excited and pumped our American members for information on the format used in the U.S. to display dates.  It appears he was seeking background for his evaluation of this strategy document. CFACT readers will remember Mr. Vidal as the fellow who interrupted our Climate Sense conference [...]

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An Offer You Can Not Possibly Reject

by Einar Du Rietz, Bonn Last day of the climate conference in Bonn, a most interesting city that we unfortunately never had the time to study more closely, due to the – as usual – busy program. Bonn, the city of Beethoven and a symbol both for peaceful German recovery after WWII and the European university traditions. Today, all but remnants of the hastily build government administration are gone, together with the embassies, though the sometimes magnificent residences still remain along the Rhine. How lovely then to stumble across an invitation to come back! The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, sponsored by [...]

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CFACT – Mission Bonn

Bonn, Germany They are at it again, as Lord Monckton puts it. Well, so is CFACT. Strategically positioned in the middle of the action at the new UNFCCC climate talks in Bonn. It certainly is more quiet than in Copenhagen. Officially, it’s a preparatory, informal meeting, before Mexico. Unofficially, it’s a matter of gathering strength after the Copenhagen fiasco. […]

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Der Spiegel: A superstorm for global warming research

"An entire branch of science is in crisis." Der Spiegel has posted an in-depth article on the UN IPCC's fall from grace as people around the world examine the exaggerations, mistakes and manipulations of climate science. Can the global warming propaganda machine go back to saying whatever it wants and suppressing all dissent?  If the folks at Der Spiegel are willing to open their minds, who is next?  We suppose the BBC is too much to hope for......

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Global warming fears in Germany plummet 20%

A poll commissioned by Der Spiegel shows fear of global warming dropped rapidly from 62% to 42% in Germany.  Scandals at the IPCC, rejection of heavy-handed warming propagandizing and a world climate that refused to follow the models is leading to a major disconnect between government officials and their electorates.  Something has to give.  We expect the media, left-wing campaign organizations and U.N. bureaucrats will close ranks and try and go back to biased scientific proclamations, stifling debate and demonizing their opponents.   Can they succeed this late in the game?  We''ll learn much more about their game plan at the [...]

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CFACT meets Greenpeace

If you follow CFACT you probably have seen Lord Christopher Monckton's speech the Second International Climate Conference in Berlin. If not, you can see it here, or over at CFACT.TV. But there's more juice from that day. A Lifestyle and Ideology supplier called Greenpeace sent its members to protest against the conference. Some Greenpeace activists held banners that slandered the attendees, “stupid”, “Nuclear lobby”, and the weather was cold. But Christopher Monckton and Craig Rucker of CFACT braved the Elements to meet the challenge. See them in action in the two Videos embedded below. And if you haven't already, sign All Pain [...]

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The Hypocritical Oath – Save Yourself – Blame the Media

The leading energy company Vattenfall and it's owner has been under attack recently. Einar Du Rietz tries to sort out the mess. One of the largest energy companies in Europe, Swedish state owned Vattenfall has come under heavy media attack recently, and so has the responsible minister for industry, Maud Olofsson. The main reason is that Olofsson failed to disclose details from a deal with the German government in connection with the latest nuclear power project. Under the insurance agreement, Vattenfall would go completely bankrupt if there were a serious nuclear accident. Let's start there. Nuclear power is a blessing in [...]

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Join CFACT in Berlin!

Climate Change Reconsidered Join CFACT for an International Conference on Climate Change Friday December 4, 2009, Hotel Melia Berlin On the Eve of COP15, the UN Conference in Copenhagen, scientists and policy experts will gather at Berlin's Melia Hotel to discuss the science, politics, economics and impacts of climate change. Almost daily new evidence arises that challenges the IPCC's position on man-made climate change.   People around the world are paying closer attention and questioning the merits of the UN's policy forcing the UN and many governments into a scramble to cement their climate policies before the momentum shifts further against [...]

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Germany’s High Solar Subsidies Under Fire

EDGAR L. GÄRTNER (Frankfurt) Although the document released on Saturday, October 24th doesn’t mention it, the new German government coalition between Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and Guido Westerwelle’s Liberals will be obliged to sooner or later reign in Germany’s high subsidies for photovoltaic power.  One of the main causes of high German power prices is the expanding role of “renewables” in power generation since the beginning of the 21st century. While wind power’s percentage now exceeds 6 percent, and biomass is approaching 4 percent, photovoltaic power has yet to reach one percent of total power production. This tiny portion of Germany’s [...]

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