Australia smacks down climate lobby’s scare mongering

While many are celebrating (and others condemning) Australia's vote to repeal its carbon tax, Marita Noon points out that the country's Renewable Energy Target must also be repealed in order to reverse the 70% increase in Australian energy bills that has come from this infatuation with "Green" policies.

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Attacks on carbon dioxide are political air pollution

Larry Bell finds that there is "not even a smidgen of evidence" to support the theory of climate change caused by carbon dioxide as a major threat to humanity. Indeed, an EPA internal report acknowledges that "there is no particular reason to rush into decisions based upon a scientific hypothesis that does not appear to explain most of the available data.”

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The PTC extension: More taxpayer dollars for green energy?

Marita Noon provides a laundry list of reasons to ignore calls from fire-breathing wind power shills who want to reinstate the wind power production tax credit -- and thus rip off the U.S. Treasury to build noneconomic wind farms that also cause health and safety problems and still rely on backup generation due to the intermittent nature of wind speed.

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House panel hopes to air inconvenient truths about EPA’s ‘war on coal’

Rep. Ed Whitfield was set to grill Janet McCabe -- the EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation -- on the factual accuracy of statements in the agency's proposed rule governing carbon dioxide regulations for power plants. If only he also had called to testify a representative from the American Lung Association - which has received 591 EPA grants totaling over $43 million plus over 2,800 foundation grants totaling $76 million to ensure that they will never question the EPA's faulty science.

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New Congress must rein in runaway EPA

With the President and the unaccountable regulatory agencies joined by the Supreme Court in declaring Congress to be irrelevant in governing America, it is time for Congress to raise itself up from the dead and reestablish itself as the sole creator of new laws. Given that too many in Congress have gone along with this massive Presidential (and regulatory) power grab, this may require sweeping out a lot of dead wood from both chambers.

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Putin’s gift to America’s energy independence

James Rust, taking a note from Peter Glover's article about Russian energy imperialism, suggests the U.S. should step up its own energy production and liberalize our oil and gas export laws to provide Europe with the means to thwart Russia's bold geopolitical strategy. Of course, the Europeans might do well to reverse their own anti-energy-production policies. The key is to remember that fossil fuels production is a manufacturing process that drives economic growth.

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The ever-shifting politics of climate change

Marita Noon notes that the Obama Administration, responding to Big Green billionaires, has stepped up his emphasis on climate policy just as Secretary of State John Kerry is calling climate change a "weapon of mass destruction." While Obama is spending a billion taxpayer dollars, Green billionaire Tom Steyer is throwing another $100 million into the 2014 elections to support candidates who will vote the alarmist line. Yet Noon sees this new power play by Democrats as an opportunity for the opposition to cash in on resentment of higher energy prices and higher prices for consumer goods due to higher energy prices.

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Green power gridlock: why renewable energy is no alternative

President Obama pledged that under his administration electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket -- presumably so that wind and solar could become more acceptable financially as alternatives. The problem, notes Professor Larry Bell, is that renewable energy does not work that well with the existing power grid system in the U.S. To accommodate increasing wind and solar, Germany will have to spend up to $96 billion in transmission and distribution system upgrades in the next decade. Imagine what the cost would be for the U.S., with is massively larger population and acreage.

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Subsidizing green energy is like supporting operator-assisted telephones with party lines

With domestic oil and natural gas production soaring thanks to fracking, the nation is taking a harder look at subsidies and mandates for so-called "Green" energy. EPA for the first time proposed to reduce the amount of ethanol that has to be added to gasoline. An Arizona state agency just added a $5.00 monthly fee for solar customers to help pay for use and maintenance of the state's power grid. And 52 House members have signed a letter calling for the end of the wind production tax credit just as the sixth 20,000-pound turbine blade broke off in Illinois and sent shrapnel 1,500 feet away from the turbine hub -- two to three times the legal setbacks for homes and highways.

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Green energy spending bad for economy, environment

Is taxpayer money spent on Green energy hurting both the economy and environment? Well that’s the assertion of economists from the group PERC, who in a recent study found that for every $100 billion a government spends on so-called “clean energy,” that nation’s GDP is likely to decrease by nearly a half a percent.

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Will cooling temperatures calm the European windstorm?

After Denmark (Europe's star wind energy performer), Germany boasts (sic!) the highest power costs in Europe -- Danes and Germans alike pay about 300% more than Americans for electric power that is increasingly unreliable. The Australians, who had charted a similar course, threw out their Green government. But what will Americans do?

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Fallacious claims prop up ethanol

Greens carp about fracking, partly because it uses some water (up to 6.0 gal/MMBtu of energy produced). Yet they champion ethanol, which uses up to 29,000 gal/MMBtu, and biodiesel (up to 74,000 gal/MMBtu). Is this mere Green hypocrisy, or Greenback Greed? It is well past time to end the mandates and the subsidies for ethanol and biodiesel.

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